Windows XP SP2 - services spontaneously stop. Why?

  Maturin 00:16 22 May 2005

I hope you can help. Several times this week my computer stops responding. Reviewing Task Manager shows "nil point" for processes (from a norm of 82 or so). CPU usage plummets from norm of around 33% to 1-2% too.

Why is this happening? How can I track down the culprit(s)?

Thank-you for any help

  Maturin 11:13 23 May 2005

Can anyone offer theories as to why this is happening?

  gudgulf 12:42 23 May 2005

The first thing I would do is run a scan with your antivrus and antispyware/adware programs.See if anything shows up.......peculiar occurrances such as random running process shutdowns and computer stopping responding might be a sign of malware infection.

  Maturin 10:29 24 May 2005

Thanks for commenting. I have run my antivirus/antispyware. The only change to my system is the installation of Diskeeper 9 Trialware (Pro version)(click here). I am confident that this has not caused the problem. In passing, Musicmatch has just made 3 "coasters" where it used to be so reliable. Is this a symptom of the same problem/infection. I am also getting occasional random shutdowns from MS Word with "error writing to memory module".

Any clues? What do I do now? Should I run HijackThis? If so what am I looking for?

  gudgulf 13:43 25 May 2005

If you get problems after installing any software it is a good idea to uninstall it.Better still use system restore to roll back your system to a pre problem state if using XP.Even if it is a known product and you find it hard to believe it to be the cause of the problem it might have installed incorrectly so remove it and see what happens.

  tano 16:43 27 Jun 2006

I installed SP2 on Wwndows XP. Seemed ok. After my shutting down sequence, blue screen stated 8 of 8 files being installed. No need to shut down or turn off since this would happen automatically after fuinishing installation.
My foot! Even after 3 hours, it does not shut down.Why should need to intsll 8 of 8 more than once, anyway?

  Terry Brown 17:19 27 Jun 2006

Look for a program called starter (I believe it comes from a site 'code stuff'),--Free program-- Run it and it will tell you all the programs that are running on your system, with the option to stop them starting (Fully reversable), another alternative (although rather basic)is to enter MSCONFIG in the RUN box, select start items (Last box on the right) and untick (unselect), you can then select /unselect until you find the problem--Careful you do not de-select your anti-virus /Firewall unless you have turned off the internet connection first.

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