Windows xp sp1 problem (i think)

  Eargasm 21:56 21 Mar 2004

Hi All
Pc (xp home) was running a treat until the sp1 update cd arrived on friday morning from microsoft,i installed sp1 and all the updates including directx9,however since then my dvd drive(pioneer dvd-117)isn't working correctly.
First noticed that champ manager 03-04 just locked up the pc and coulden't even remove the disc until restarting.Have since found that nothing will play on it dvd's try to start then error code89020003 appears even though the dvd 's are not copies,audio cd's play for about 5 seconds then skip to next track etc.
Does anyone know if this is connected to the sp1 update,or is my dvd drive goosed.?

  anon1 22:04 21 Mar 2004

Check the device manager and make sure that there are no problems listed. Then check and update the drivers particularily the graphics card drivers as this my be the result of installing dx9

  TommyRed 22:07 21 Mar 2004

Can you go back to before SP1 with 'system restore'? TR

  Eargasm 22:46 21 Mar 2004

Thanks for replies.
Anon 1 i have checked device manager and even uninstalled the drive,rebooted the pc but still no joy,how do i check for graphics card drivers my card is (nvidia ge force2 mx400).
TommyRed i was thinking of using system restore to a date before last friday,or removing sp1 via add/remove programs but not sure which option to try first.

  pc moron 00:31 22 Mar 2004

It could be your drive needs a firmware update.

Have a look in System Information> Components> CD-ROM.

In the right-hand pane look at PNP Device ID.

Note the firmware version and then click here

If your firmware version is less than the latest one, then you might consider an upgrade.

  Eargasm 21:22 22 Mar 2004

Thanks for response,i have checked my pnp device id as you said, it was 1.03,i clicked your link and version 1.07 was available, iv'e downloaded it to desktop and unzipped it,this has left me with a file in a folder called atpio107.hex,but now i don't know what to do with it.Can anyone explain to me in simple terms.
Thanks phil

  Eargasm 22:26 22 Mar 2004

Can anyone help me to place this latest firmware download in the right place?

  User-312386 22:34 22 Mar 2004

for the nvidia card. Double click "My Computer">Double Click C drive and then look in the NVIDIA folder and tell me what version you have

  User-312386 22:37 22 Mar 2004

for the latest graphics card driver click here

  Eargasm 23:17 22 Mar 2004

i have a nvidia ge force2 mx400 vidio card version have just noticed when i click search cdrom on my computer there's a couple of files that say c:\windows\service pack files\1386. description scsi-cd-rom driver,should they be thete as my dvd drive is ide?

  Eargasm 23:21 22 Mar 2004

Pc is two years old now,so perhaps the dvd drive has had it,is there anyway to check for sure that it is knackered,as i don't want to replace it if it's not.
It seems funny that the problem only occured after installing sp1-update.

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