Windows XP Shut Down

  Bransgrove 17:14 30 Jul 2003

Is there a way I can assign a shortcut key to shut down windows.

  Jester2K II 17:15 30 Jul 2003

Create a shortcut on the desktop with the path:
C:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindowsexec

  Jester2K II 17:18 30 Jul 2003

In Windows XP, restoring the shortcut is amazingly easy. Right-click on the Desktop and choose New | Shortcut from the pop-up menu. Browse to the file C:\Windows\ System32\Shutdown.exe, click Next, name the shortcut, and click Finish. Now right-click on the new shortcut and choose Properties. In the Target box, append the command line switch -l (to log off), -s (to shut down), or -r (to reboot).

If you also add the switch ?t xx (where xx is a number of seconds), Shutdown.exe will display a warning and count down the specified number of seconds before activating. You can specify a comment to be displayed with the warning by adding the switch -c "Your text". The countdown behavior is particularly useful if the shutdown program is launched through the Scheduled Tasks applet. For example, a library computer might be scheduled to shut down 10 minutes before closing, with a 60-second warning. Once the countdown has begun, the only way to stop it is to launch the program again with the -a (for abort) switch on its command line.

  Bransgrove 17:20 30 Jul 2003

Thanks much obliged!

  peeby 04:05 03 Aug 2003

Press the power-off button on the case, and XP does a normal shutwown. No sure if all Xp version have this as this mag had a little prog on a disc 4 or 5 months back to achieve this and when I went looking there where you set screen savers and all the rest I found I already have it. Now I just reach down and press the power-off button,no need to touch mouse or keyboard

  Quiller. 07:42 03 Aug 2003

Yes I have the same here.

I just touch the power button, on the tower, for a fraction of a second and shut down is automatic.

win x\p pro

  Bransgrove 08:22 03 Aug 2003

It would be very useful if you can

  powerless 14:59 03 Aug 2003

Just entering:

shutdown -s

is all that is needed.

  peeby 15:27 03 Aug 2003

I,m sure it was PC advisor I've had a look but cant turn it up. But,but but I did not install it as when I went and checked I already had the facility, just did not know. It may even have been activated ,just never heard of it. I'll email Bransgrove with screenshot. I have XP home and the machine is quite new about 8 months

  peeby 15:54 03 Aug 2003

This might be in the download aarchive still

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