Windows XP Setup.

  mo674 13:33 29 Dec 2003

I have carried out a low level format of my HDD as it was not playing. Anyway, I boot from my Windows CD and everything starts up except that when it is loading files (Blue Screen - Files being loaded shown in bottom left corner) it gets to Starting Windows then all power goes off and i cannot boot it up again for 1 - 2 mins or so. I have checked BIOS and CPU Fan settings alongside Fan Temoperature etc but it is all disabled.

Can anyone shed any more light why this might be happening?

  961 16:06 29 Dec 2003

Power supply problem?

Faulty motherboard, battery failure?

BIOS virus?

What was the original problem that led to the re-install in the first place?

  mo674 16:23 29 Dec 2003

well, first of all windows was tempermental with it's loading sometimes it crashed, otehrtimes it was fine. FDD keeps breaking down (3 in 1 week. CD RW - you had to push cd in, eject then push in again for CD to load. I suspect a bios virus and possible motherboard fault but PC Tech i took it to said it was most likely HDD. he formatted it and said if that did not work to replace HDD. Ended up replacing HDD and still getting problems. I have also taken new HDD and loaded XP on to it from another system where it works fine. Transferred it back to original pc and it tries to load from HDD but crashes (a blue screen with loads of 0's appears briefly. System then restarts itself and asks me to load in safe mode but keyboard is not recognised).

Am going to try another motherboard as i am guessing that is where the fault is.

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