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  medicine man 20:34 11 Nov 2005

I am sorry if this has been asked before, i looked around but could not find reference to it.

my pc stopped working so I took it to be repaired. windows xp "corrupted" - said the man in the repair shop.

got it home and plugged in, and it is running fine now, except when i switched on, all the icons etc were huge. i went to desktop properties, and then settings and changed from 800x600 to 1024x768, but that still doesn't look right. the icons are still too big, and there is a focus problem, the image doesn't look sharp on the monitor.
If i go one setting up to 1280x1024, then the icons look too small, and the image is still not right.

I would like to go back to the default settings but do not know how to get there.
this is problematic as all my digital photos now look slightly out of focus.
if you have any helpful suggestions i would be grateful, and please keep it simple, many thanks


  medicine man 20:35 11 Nov 2005

also when i scroll down now, the window "ripples" whereas before it just , well, scrolled down, without any loss of image momentarily.
any suggestions gratefully received.


  woodchip 20:36 11 Nov 2005

Check to see if there is a old restore point to go back to, in System Restore

  VoG II 20:38 11 Nov 2005

You probably need to update your graphics card drivers.

Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, Device Manager Button.

Click the + next to Display Adaptors, then right click the display adaptor and select Update Drivers.

If you do this while connected to the internet Windows should find a good driver.

  phono 20:43 11 Nov 2005

Right click on a blank space on the desktop, choose properties from the menu, select the Appearance tab, now click the Effects button, check to see if the option Use large icons is selected (has a tick beside it) if it does remove the tick and see what that does.

You may need to experiment with different resolutions again.

Also check to see if the drivers for your monitor/LCD display have been reloaded.

  phono 20:46 11 Nov 2005

Further to what VoG™ said, if you know the manufacturer of your video card go to their website and download the latest drivers.

It may also be advisable to check that the best motherboard chipset drivers are also installed.

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