Windows XP Service Packs

  playmofire 20:59 02 Jul 2003

I am running Microsoft Office Small Business 2000 under Windows XP. I added Service Pack 1 for SP by cd and for a long time under Add/Remove programs there was a list of XP (SP1) items. Recently these were replaced by a reference to SP1a and four items beginning Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) followed by a reference, eg Q810577 or (See Q329048 for more information). When I had to restore my system from the manufacturer's cd, these disappeared and were replaced by the original references to SP1. I have tried to find the items under Windows updates on the Microsoft site, but searches have not turned anything really useful up. One download under Q810577 claims it is SP1 and another under 329115 opted out as incompatible with the programs I have loaded. Can anyone help, please?

  the lone cloner 21:34 02 Jul 2003

try going to the windows xp magazine site
or try and find someone who subscribes to it and borrow the cds that come with the mag, they have regular updates for the os xp.

  slimpickins 22:08 02 Jul 2003

If you have a decent connection and patiance click "Tools" at the top of this window, then "Windows Update".

This will take you to a page which will scan your computer for installed updates (you will probably have to install a pluggin first).

It will give a list of critical updates, I would advice you not to try and download and install them all at once, do them a few at a time incase of diconnections.

I think what happened was that your computer was set to automatic download and install updates. When you restored you went back to the original configuration so losing all the updates. Get them on disc if you can though, it takes hours to download them all.

  playmofire 08:49 03 Jul 2003

I am on auto update, and I have also searched the Windows update site but cannot find any for SP2. I am going to look at the magazine site as suggested.

  Mango Grummit 11:53 03 Jul 2003

Did you buy a computer with WindowsXP installed or have you installed WindowsXP to a machine that you already had?

  playmofire 14:29 03 Jul 2003

XP was already installed when I bought the computer (a Toshiba Satellite) new in january this year.

  blurdevil 14:33 03 Jul 2003

I thought service pack is not very good ..
a lot of bug ??

  Mango Grummit 15:46 03 Jul 2003

Thanks for reply playmofire. Unfortunately the installed versions are not always as good as "out of the box installed yourself" versions. I'm never sure whether the installed versions are different to originals or if it is to do with the way they are installed .. but for sure there is a difference. That has always been the case and not just with XP either.

Just a thought, some are OK -- some are not.

Best to buy a new version for stability I think. Windows ME was a prime example. Out of the box was ALWAYS good, installed or upgraded from 98 often caused problems.

  slimpickins 11:39 04 Jul 2003

And won't be for a while. I don't know why they are labelled SP2, maybe because they will be included on it.

Manufacturers versions usually contain drivers specific to the hardware but leave out some things like the XP Backup utility or the recovery consul. XP SP1 is a bit buggy not not as buggy as XP is without it, not installing it is the commonest reason for system crashes according to the PC Biz helpline.

Here is a list of hotfix references, it may lack the most recent.

q329048 q329115 q329256 q329256 q329390 q329692 q329834 q322011 q327979 q328310 q329441 q331953 q810565 q810833 q811493 q811033 q814995 q815995 q815021 q815021 q815411 q814995 q815021 q815411

MS releases about three critical updates a month which fix security holes in XP, so keeping your computer up to date is vital.

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