Windows XP - service packs

  charlie whisky 19:56 12 May 2006

Hello Folks
I have been using Windows 98SE since it's inception but I am now getting into the problems zone with some new hardware demanding 2000 or XP only.
Also installing the very latest drivers for my video and sound cards has resulted in some untoward effects with some previously well behaved software applications throwing "wobblies".
In other words it seems to be "bite the bullet" time and install Windows XP!

Over the years I have collected XP Service Packs one and two from the PC Advisor CDs - my query is:- would I have to install BOTH service packs or does installing JUST service pack 2 also automatically include the previous stuff from SP1?

Hopefully waiting.

  Totally-braindead 19:57 12 May 2006

No SP2 has the SP1 updates built in as well.

  Totally-braindead 19:58 12 May 2006

And if you don't have XP yet and you buy it now it will probably already have SP2 on it.

  curtis8345 21:22 12 May 2006

i agree with Totally-braindead

  Strawballs 23:19 12 May 2006

unless you buy a second hand version of XP (very risky can't be sure it is legit) it will have sp2

  Stuartli 23:48 12 May 2006

However, even if you install XP Home or Pro with SP2, you will still have to install all the XP updates released since August 2004 when SP2 became available.

They are listed as SP3 updates for Windows.

The easiest way to get these is at AutoPatcher:

click here

  Giggle n' Bits 00:25 13 May 2006

if you decide to upgrade to Windows XP check that your hardware in your 98 machine meets the XP system requirments. I prefer using a Full windows XP Home and not acutally a upgrade XP release. For protective reasons if you ever need to reinstall XP from a upgrade then you have to mess about using the Win98 CD.

  charlie whisky 20:26 14 May 2006

Sorry for the delay in answering folks but I have been "out of town" for a short while.

Grateful thanks to all respondents to my thread, the answers are extremely helpful and have given me quite a few points that I had not considered.

I have not contemplated XP as an upgrade to 98, I got caught in that trap when I changed over from Windows 3.1 to 95!! (that's giving my age away.)
I am toying with the idea of dual-boot until I become familiar with XP then I will go the whole hog.
Anybody got any tips on the dual boot method, I have got Power Quest's Partition Magic and Drive Image so I have the software available.
Thanks again
Charlie Whisky

  woodchip 20:44 14 May 2006

Why if 98 as been working OK have you gone down this rout

  Stuartli 21:17 14 May 2006

Have you installed the Windows 98SE Unofficial Service Pack?

You can get it at:

click here

It was a labour of love.

  charlie whisky 20:15 15 May 2006

Thanks for further info folks.
To Stuarti - Yes, I did install the W98SE Unofficial service pack quite a time ago, it's certainly a great stabiliser and protector - would certainly recommend it to anyone still using Win98SE.
Had a look at the "SP3" link you directed me to - how on earth do Microsoft get away with peddling systems which still need such extensive patchings after several years?

To Woodchip - good point, I asked myself that and I think at my advanced years I am reluctant to let go what I'm familiar with until I become really confident with a new operating system.
My projected plan is to remove the new drivers and stuff which may be causing the problems and revert back to the previous ones which were working more-or-less OK - this would give me a reasonable W98SE system.
Then arrange dual boot and install XP into a partition on the same drive.
This would keep my present obligations in a working condition while I familiarise myself with XP.

Hope that clears things [email protected]

Charlie Whisky

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