Windows XP Service Pack Update problem

  [DELETED] 11:00 01 Nov 2003

After months of procrastination I finally decided to update my XP OS. After downloading and successfully installing the Service Pack I'm continually plagued with a warning message on my screen informing me that Windows has been altered with files it hasn't recognised and by losing others and that subsequently the system is now unstable. It then tells me to reinstall Windows XP so that certain files may be reinstalled. (Along those lines anyway). Has anyone else had the same problem? Also, will reinstalling XP make the pc revert to its former state before Service Pack install and indeed will I lose the Service Pack update? Confused!

  [DELETED] 12:46 01 Nov 2003

Yes, re-installing Windows will almost certainly lose that Service Pack 1 installation, but that's best anyway since it's probably corrupted.

Many have had problems with Service Pack 1 and it seems best when it's loaded from a CD rather than a download. It has been on various magazine CDs and is also available as a free CD from Microsoft in the UK, although that will be dependent on the post of course.

The other way to tackle this is to just do all the various updates direct from Microsoft. Service Pack 1 is really mainly the collection of security updates plus the enabling of USB 2, and you can download these individually.

  bretsky 22:29 01 Nov 2003

Yes I would agree with flecc on all points, I installed sp1 from a dvd which took about 35 mins and then found my system which only had 128mb of ram ran like gravy, so I upgraded to 1gb of ram and its like lightning now, yes I hear you say 'a bit extravagant' but it was well worth it!
Also you need the sp1 if you intend to increase your hard drive past the 137gb bios barrier.
I recently put in another hdd of 120gb to add to the 60gb already in the machine.
Good luck....Bretsky......

  [DELETED] 22:41 01 Nov 2003

After downloading and successfully installing the Service Pack 1, my system is running rather slow. I have tried defrag/speed disk but I am no where the same speed before the update. Looks like I will reformat again and not bother with updates.

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