windows xp serial changer

  dek26 22:00 08 Oct 2003

does any1 know where i can get a windows xp serial changer.

  Jack D 22:02 08 Oct 2003


  kinger 22:03 08 Oct 2003

That sounds illegal.

click here

  kinger 22:04 08 Oct 2003

... But probably isn't

Why would you want to change the serial?

  dek26 22:06 08 Oct 2003

to get windows updates

  hugh-265156 22:10 08 Oct 2003

just buy a copy of windows and the updates will work fine.:-)

  graham√ 22:10 08 Oct 2003

Does not compute. Please expand + serial changer.

  kinger 22:14 08 Oct 2003

Ah, I see. I didn't know that there was such a thing.

I will keep an eye on this thread, I might learn something. :-)

  DieSse 22:43 08 Oct 2003

There's nothing illegal per se about a serial number changer. It's like many things, including file sharing - it depends what use you put it to.

I've used a serial number changer a number of times, in order to easily convert systems with pirate copies of XP to legitimate copies.

I've also found it very useful when setting up a few identical systems, to clone the Hard Drives, then rectify all the serial numbers to the legitimate ones. Saves hours.

However in this case, because of the reason given for needing it, I decline to provide a link.

  dek26 22:51 08 Oct 2003

obviously i need it 2 get windows updates cos i have an illegal copy of xp and want 2 make it legal so i ca get all the windows updates .

  VoG II 22:53 08 Oct 2003




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