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windows XP security upgrades service packs

  Terry Brown 10:21 01 Feb 2014

My XP Cd is current SP2, Is there any way to download the service packs and security /software updates and store them so when (not if) my system crashes, I can rebuild it.

There used to be an administration option on the Microsoft page, but it seems to have gone.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:03 01 Feb 2014

store them so when (not if) my system crashes, I can rebuild it.

Simpler to take an image of the drive then restore the image after the crash or onto a new drive.

  Terry Brown 13:58 01 Feb 2014

I take regular backups, about twice a month, but I was hoping to be able to download all the security updates etc, so if I change my motherboard, I can rebuild. Unless I am mistaken, downloads from one machine will not work on another- Is that correct? Terry

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:32 01 Feb 2014

so now your talking something different - the licensing of XP, change 4 major components and its classed as a different machine.

You are correct it won't boot if the motherboard is renewed due to different drivers required. Its sometimes possible to boot into safe mode unistall the old drivers and reinstall the new ones.

See Answer click here for all update

You would have to manually download all the XP updates since sp3 + an sp3 iso and save to disk or dvds.

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