Windows XP Screensaver/Power Options not working

  rotate 14:44 19 Apr 2004

I am running Windows XP Professional and for some reason out of the blue my screensaver and power options will not activate anymore. I have downloaded all Microsoft updates including Service Pack 1 and still these options will not work. Has anyone had similar problems and have a solution? I have tried all I know and that included installing XP again over the original one.
My system is Pentium III 1Ghz, 512mb RAM, 80Gb H/D running Sophos Anti Virus.
No viruses have been detected on my system and also no spyware. I use SpyBot.

  Taff36 15:06 19 Apr 2004

Have you tried checking they are enabled in the BIOS?

  rotate 15:51 19 Apr 2004

Thanks for your reply. Never thought to check the BIOS but will do when I get home from work which will be around 10 tonight so will let you know the result later.

  rotate 07:41 20 Apr 2004

Have checked Power Options are enabled in the BIOS and they are. The screensaver is enabled in the registry but neither will work. I have set the screensaver to activate after 5 minutes and power options to switch off monitor after 10 minutes but nothing happens. Any suggestions anyone please.

  Taff36 11:45 20 Apr 2004

Sorry, missed your earlier post. So you can change the settings but they just dont happen? Are you accessing the settings via Control Panel > Power Management? (Not sure it makes any difference if you right click the desktop choose screensaver and then power options)

Could it be that something is running in the background on your computer that makes it think it is being used and therefore doesn`t go to the power options set. What about trying it in safe mode and see if the power options cut in. You could try task manager and see exactly what is running. I`m scratching the bottom of the barrel here!

  rotate 12:13 20 Apr 2004

Taff36, Yes I'm scratching the bottom of most things at the moment with this one. The only items running on my PC all of the time are Sophos and Mailwasher but these were running before when the screensaver/power options did work. I will try your suggestion in safe mode and see what happens when I get home which will be earlier today so will post result around tea time. I have tried searching the internet for answeres to this one including Microsoft with no luck. The only way out of this I suppose is to wipe my hard drive and start again but would it be worth it just for these 2 options that don't work?

  Taff36 12:16 20 Apr 2004

Why not try turning Sophos and mailwasher off temporarily - process of elimination. Good luck!

  rotate 17:59 20 Apr 2004

Tried in safe mode and guess what, both screensaver and power options worked. So where do I go from here? Going to try and stop Sophos and Mailwasher now.

  Taff36 07:37 21 Apr 2004

So it is something running in the background that prevents the computer from instigating the screensaver & power options. If it doesn`t turn out to be Sophos or Mailwasher you need to have a look in Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL)and look on the services tab for anything suspicious.

  rotate 07:40 21 Apr 2004

Using System Mechanic I disabled everything in the start-up sequence so that absolutely nothing was running. The screensaver/Power Options then worked. One by one I enabled each program. SS/PO still working. I have 3 programs left to enable but because this process took around 3 hours to do I will have to finish off the experiment tonight but the 3 programs left are Webshots, Roxio Media and Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse. I will post results this evening.

  rotate 09:06 21 Apr 2004

Turns out it is none of the above but the virus BELT.EXE which Sophos eventually found. Deleted the Trojan also deleted the registry keys and set my PC back to normal and everything is working fine. How BELT.exe got onto my PC in the first place remains a mystery.

Thanks for you help Taff36.

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