Windows XP Restore versus Norton Go Back

  compumac 17:32 09 Jan 2005

Anyone out there with any thoughts on the viability of using either WINDOW XP RESTORE or NORTON GO BACK?

  Totally-braindead 17:36 09 Jan 2005

Goback is good for win98 but restore is better for XP(in my opinion).

  mattyc_92 18:01 09 Jan 2005

Go back is better than system restore.... Reasons????....well here we go...

1)you can recover your whole system to the exact way it was in the past, system restore only recovers the registry and drivers

2)Recover your files that you have deleted or changed, system restore doesn't allow you to do this

3)Goback has a "password protection" option so that people can't revert your system without you wanting them to, system restore only allows administrators to access it, so no need for passwords

4)You can recover your system even if you can't load windows, system restore is only accessable in windows apart from the "last known configuration that worked" which doesn't really solve most problems

5)you can set "auto-revert" times so that the system reverts to a set time no matter what at the time you specify!!!

The only down sides of GoBack is that when you defrag your system, all the revert history is lost (but the auto-revert thing isn't effected) and that you have to buy it, whereas system restore is part of windows!!!

  Peter 18:08 09 Jan 2005

Even better, take, and store well, an image of your complete system before you install any software, hardware or make any significant changes to your system. Then when it all goes wrong you restore the image and you are back EXACTLY where you were when you took the image.


  mattyc_92 18:12 09 Jan 2005

As Peter says, this would be better, I use "Acronis True Image" and stoped using System Restore and Goback around 2 months ago (even though I think highly of GoBack)

  GaT7 18:34 09 Jan 2005

GoBack (when it was made by Roxio) has saved me on numerous occasions in the past (used on Win98se). I've also stopped using it & use Norton Ghost instead - a disc-imaging program like Acronis True Image that mattyc_92 mentions. Acronis True Image, I've heard, is more user-friendly of the two.

If you like using Goback, &/or cannot get/use disc-imaging programs, then I'd suggest to get the Deluxe version - if you don't already have it. The standard version (that's usually part of Norton SystemWorks) is a watered-down version with fewer features. G

  david.h 08:54 10 Jan 2005

on face value goback is far better than system restore. I have not installed it on xp as I seen reprts that it causes problems when

Perhaps some of our readers can conform or disprove this from their experience.

previous threats re ghost / image software would be good idea

  david.h 10:14 10 Jan 2005

some print disappeared of my thread.

problems relate to reformat of the drive and re install of windows with goback. not sure if this applies to the latest version on system works 2005

  mattyc_92 11:18 10 Jan 2005

The problem with GoBack is that if you want to format your system while it is enabled, then you have to do the full format option from winxp installation disk which can take up to one hour (depending on your hard-disk's capacity)

  compumac 11:52 10 Jan 2005

It would seem that the best/safest answer is to do a frequent backup image perhaps ising Ghost V9 will I already have. - comment?

  mattyc_92 11:59 10 Jan 2005

Yes, but I would install GoBack v4 if you like "experimenting" with programs and the registry to save time (baring in mind you would have to disable goback or format your system before you can restore a Ghost image)

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