Windows XP Restore Programme

  curly 12:31 07 Dec 2004

I have just had a problem with the computer. When I went to try and restore the computer to a previous day, I found that there were no restore points available. Have I done something wrong? I should be grateful for advice on how to reconfigure the computer so that it will not delete restore points for a while and also to enable the automatic creation of restore points.

  rawprawn 12:38 07 Dec 2004

Open system Restore, click on System restore settings and make sure that it isn't turned off (There should be no tick in Turn Off system restore)

  ACOLYTE 12:38 07 Dec 2004

Have you turned system restore on/off? if you did then it deletes all the restore points.

  curly 13:32 07 Dec 2004

The System Restore is set to normal, with max disc storage set.

  rawprawn 14:13 07 Dec 2004

Try, a system file check. Start/Run/Type sfc /scannow (Note the space between sfc and / ) you will need your XP Disc.

  mattyc_92 14:16 07 Dec 2004

I have found that System Restore very rarely reverts your system. I recomend "Norton GoBack". You recover the WHOLE SYSTEM or just files and folders you want/need to recover.... Also you can get Norton GoBack to use "Auto-Revert". This means that you can get your system to recover from previous settings NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, on say every boot or very Tuesday at 3:56PM!!!!

  rawprawn 14:20 07 Dec 2004

Possible causes for restore point failures:

• Low free disk space on a System Restore monitored partition. Every restore process involves System Restore creating a restore point prior to the restore operation so that the user can undo the restore process. If you are experiencing failed restores, ensure that there is sufficient free disk space available on all the System Restore monitored partitions.

• During the restore process, files to be replaced, moved, or deleted by System Restore are locked by the system or some application causing the restore to fail. This issue has been addressed in Windows XP Service Pack 1.

• A corrupt restore point possibly caused by an inconsistency between the file entries in the System Restores file change log and those that are actually backed up or tracked by System Restore. Common causes for this issue:

• An improper shutdown of the computer occurred while System Restore was adding an entry for a file to the System Restore change log for tracking. During the process of the file being copied or moved to the restore point directory or elsewhere in the system, a power outage or improper shutdown may have corrupted the process, creating an inconsistency in the change log. Similarly, an entry for the file exists in the change log but the file itself may be corrupt or missing.

• Changes made to files on a system from another OS (in case of dual-boot OS scenarios). For example, changes to a key application or system files or simply moving a file System Restore was tracking from one location to another while logged onto a different OS. As System Restore cannot incorporate this change, an inconsistency exists.

• Changes made to a System Restore tracked file on a removable drive for a restore point while the drive was connected to another computer. Similar to the above, System Restore cannot incorporate this change. It is important to note that all restore points are linked, therefore, any restore point created prior to the missing or corrupt restore point will also not function.

  rawprawn 14:22 07 Dec 2004

With respect that doesn't solve the problem. I use Acronis True Image, but I still want System Restore to work and I find it very handy.

  curly 14:29 07 Dec 2004

Thank you for your inputs, particularly to Raw Prawn for your very detailed and informative answer. I suspect that my fault has been caused by some event along the lines mentioned in your second point.

  mattyc_92 14:30 07 Dec 2004

Yes but GOBACK allows you to do EXACTLY what System Restore does, only alot more powerful and with extra features.... You just Install GoBack and it just needs to restart system and your away. You DON'T copy your system to a external drive, GoBack creates "Restore Points" like System Restore does on your system, so you don't have to worry about updating your image at all. Just sit back and relax and GoBack will function just as System Restore does...

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