Windows XP, Restart after Shutdown and Zipmagic

  [DELETED] 13:01 31 Oct 2003

Many people have had problems with XP rebooting after being instructed to shut down. This seems in the main to be due to programs which affect XP sufficiently that it goes into this Reboot mode (see earlier postings).

I have recently wanted to convert some Word files into self-executing zip files for emailing. So I loaded my copy of Zipmagic 2000 (version 3, I think). After getting the usual messages about incopatibility with Windows (of which I took no notice), the program loaded and worked fine, and was well integrated with Explorer.

Then, shutdown was followed by rebooting. Removal of Zipmagic restored XP to its normal behaviour.

The message is - if you have rebooting problems, Zipmagic (old versions) could be one of those programs responsible.

If I had a copy of Zipmagic 4 (anyone got one they don't use?), I would test this and post accordingly. Otherwise, I am tempted by 'Ultimate Zip' as a cheaper option.

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