windows xp repair - monitor problems

  hargranules 20:06 16 Jan 2006

Have done a xp repair which worked ok but did freeze once and required a viaagp driver that the pc could not find.

Windows came up fine but now whenever I turn pc on the screen is covered with coloured lines. Posted on forum earlier and someone suggested taking out graphics card. Is it this or is it a problem with the repair?

My pother roblem now is, it is a Time pc and I cannot get the casing off. Could this be a sealed unit? Also if I do get the casing off can someone supply a simple to follow guide on how to remove graphics card.

  csqwared 20:46 16 Jan 2006

My immediate thought would be to re-install the graphics card, always providing you have the install CD from Time. If you don't have the CD, do a search on your graphics card, it's likely that the manufacturer has downloads for ALL the drivers required for a re-install. If that fails and you feel you need to remove the card I can't help with the case problem, but once inside it's a simple matter of unscrewing the retaining bracket and *gently* pulling out the card. You'll need to uninstall the software prior to doing that and, of course, turn off the machine :-))

  hargranules 20:49 16 Jan 2006

How do i find out what graphics card I have and what drivers i need. Pc is effectively not working so cannot use Belarac etc

  csqwared 20:58 16 Jan 2006

I take it from that, that you don't have the install CD for the card. If you don't have the original spec for the machine which specifies which card I'm at a bit of a loss other than to open up the case to see which card it is and carry on from there. You say the machine is effectively not working, is that because you can't see the screen? I was thinking on the lines of a doing a System Restore (if that's possible) to before you did the repair.

  hargranules 21:17 16 Jan 2006

Have now got pc running in safe mode have loaded belarac to try to find out latest drivers but not sure what I am looking for. Lots of different controllers listed, which if any relates to monitor.

Thanks for your help so far

  csqwared 21:37 16 Jan 2006

Belarc should tell you which graphics card you have. The best bet would be to go to the manufacturer's web site and get the drivers from there or go to click here and download Everest, slightly better than Belarc.

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