Windows XP reinstalled and no USB 2.0

  Charlie Brown 10:49 24 Apr 2010

Reinstalled XP and the USB 2.0 hubs are working as USB1.1. When USB 2.0 pen drives are connected, a message comes up that these will work faster when connected to a USB 2.0 port.It already is. Help please.

  bremner 10:51 24 Apr 2010

Have you updated XP to SP3?

  Charlie Brown 10:54 24 Apr 2010

Yes, it is updated to SP3.

  mgmcc 11:40 24 Apr 2010

I had this problem a few days ago after installing XP, updated to SP3.

In my case the solution was to uninstall *everything* related to USB in Device Manager, reboot, let Windows "find new hardware" and reinstall USB.

Thereafter, the "Enhanced Host Controller" was present and I had USB 2.0 again.

  Les28 13:00 24 Apr 2010

If other ideas haven't worked, maybe have a look in your bios, maybe under Advanced, Peripherals to make sure enhanced or fast usb is selected. I used to have to do this every time I restored an old pc of mine, it went back to USB1 and had to reset it in the bios for fast usb.

Have you got your motherboard manual that should tell you where to look in the bios in case the settings have changed after a reinstall.

  Charlie Brown 22:09 24 Apr 2010

mgmcc and Les28 - tried both recommendations, no luck. Can't find enhanced or fast usb in BIOS. It's a ASUS motherboard A7V333. Nothing in advanced.

  User-312386 22:25 24 Apr 2010

Device manager>Universal serial bus, click the plus sign and right click each one and click update driver and this time only - that should install the enhanced controllers!

  Les28 08:09 25 Apr 2010

Did you install the motherboard VIA chipset drivers after your fresh install and enhanced isn't showing in device manager expanded usb controllers?

  Charlie Brown 09:39 25 Apr 2010

Thanks guys, problem solved. Madboy, I updated the drivers in device manager and it worked. It was actually under other devices and not under USB. I have a 4 port USB PCI card, and this was under other devices. Somehow, windows was not recognizing the computers built in USB ports and updating them automatically and neither the ones in other devices. When I updated the open host controller in other devices the computers in built USB 2.0 also got updated to enhanced.
Les28, befor I tick resolved, I wasn't aware about the need to install motherboard VIA chipset drivers, is this important? Computer seems to be working okay.

  Les28 12:05 25 Apr 2010

Glad to hear you've got the USB sorted.
A restore from a manufacturers recovery disk or partition will quite often have all the drivers included, it's just a fresh install from an operating system cd where drivers may be needed to be downloaded later.

  Charlie Brown 20:59 25 Apr 2010

Les28, thanks for your help and advice.

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