Windows XP reinstallation problem

  underworldmagic 12:45 20 Jun 2004


I really need help with my windows reinstillation, please help.

my aim was to (format and) reinstall windows on the C partition saving the data on all the other partitions.

I booted from the Windows XP CD and it did the usual thing of scanning the computer and copying files to the computer (the blue screen) then it restarted the computer and did the thing all over again, and again, and again.

i then entered my bios setup and changed the boot to normal, and wanted to see what the hell it was doing. then to my amazement a screen poped up asking which windows i would like to boot from!!! there was a list saying

Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional

the bottom one on the list was my original Windows XP i had on my system before trying to reinstall it. it booted ok and i was able to get to my normal windows XP no problem. i had found that the installations had copied files into my other partitions D,E,G,H without asking me.

i now find a folder in each partition called WINDOWS.

i have SATA150 250GB hard drive and i have 5 partitions C,D,E,G,H. all i wanted to do was format C and reinstall windows. usually XP asks you which partition do you want to install on and then it formats that partion...why didnt it ask me that, and why did it do all that list at the starting like i have multiple operating systems on my computer.

when i selected and of the other boots from the list it just goes to an installation screen asking for the XP cd, i just aborted.

why has it done this, and how can i get rid of that duel operating system menu when the system loads up (its a black screen with a list)

i have deleted the WINDOWS folder from the other partitions but this has not stopped that duel operating system screen coming up.



  Irishman 13:10 20 Jun 2004

You will have to edit the boot ini folder. Probably the easiest way would be by using msconfig from a run command but be careful and make sure you don't delete your original XP install. As for installing it in the first place the only thing I can think of is entering the bios when the install does it's first restart and changing to boot from hard drive instead of CD.

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