Windows XP Registry Backup File

  Mat2 09:00 23 Nov 2003

Hi Folks

Having looked at my fathers computer i found in the C:\ directory a backup for the registry. when i asked him about this he claimed that nobody had been in the registry, all he could say was he thinks he has had a intruder. On the date the file says it was created and entry in the firewall log shows a Default TransScout. Now could it be possible that an intrder could have made the backup file or is it possible the a user of the computer could have done it. He is running Windows XP Home Edition with Norton Internet Security and both are fully upto date also the computer was reinstalled at the end of Oct with a complete reformat.

Any Help would be appriciated


  Bryan Hardy 09:25 23 Nov 2003

Is your dad running any registry error checkers?
Also run a program like Ad Aware to make sure there are no data miner etc on your computer. IF all seems ok then it could well be a genuine intrusion especially with NiS detecting unusual activity. Hope this helps

  Mat2 09:30 23 Nov 2003

Hi Bryan Hardy

Thanks for your reply, He is running Norton Systemworks. So i will have to get him to run the Norton Systemworks to see there is any problems with the registry, i will tell him to run Adware removal program. Your infromation was very helpful.


  Stuartli 10:29 23 Nov 2003

Data Miner appears to be the only unwanted guest that manages to get through - AdAware6 finds them immediately.

  Mat2 11:52 23 Nov 2003

Hi stuartli

Thanks for your replay i will scan with adware to see if i am got data miner.


  Bryan Hardy 12:15 23 Nov 2003

I use registry mechanic that scans the registry for any errors but also creates a back up... It may be that. to find out open up reg mechanic and see if any previous scans have been done.

  Mat2 12:33 23 Nov 2003

Thanks to you all for your help


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