Windows XP refuses to boot : NTLDR is missing

  [DELETED] 17:43 28 Dec 2003

I have just installed 2 pieces of hardware (USB Canon Scanner){This latter worked on USB 1}
and a new USB 2.00 PCI card.
When attempting to boot after the latter installation I received the following message: "Boot from Atapi CD-Rom. Bootable CD not exist."
"NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart."
I pressed any key but was returned to "NTLDR is missing....."

(1)What is NTLDR(I looked in the BIOS, but still haven't a clue.
(2) How do I solve the problem? Please?

I have a Advent Computer 3050 PIII with 512 Ram

  [DELETED] 17:51 28 Dec 2003

Believe it or not, although ntldr COULD be missing (it's needed to start up unfortunately...) - if you go to your RAM settings in the bios, and change the settings to something quite high (if it's not on auto, try 'auto' settings first!)

I done this when it said that and it made my computer work.

Problem arises when the hard drive/ram gets data too fast, then loses it...

Let us know how it went on...



  [DELETED] 17:52 28 Dec 2003

"Boot from Atapi CD-Rom. Bootable CD not exist."

ALso make sure your HARD DRIVE is the FIRST boot seem to know how to access the bios, so find the 'boot sequence' and ensure the hard drive's being booted from...

  beeuuem 18:02 28 Dec 2003

From click here Windows XP users

Insert the Windows XP bootable CD into the computer. When prompted to press any key to boot from the CD, press any key. Once in the Windows XP setup menu press the "R" key to repair Windows. Log into your Windows installation by pressing the "1" key and pressing enter. You will then be prompted for your administrator password, enter that password. Copy the below two files to the root directory of the primary hard disk. In the below example we are copying these files from the CD-ROM drive letter "E". This letter may be different on your computer.

copy e:\i386\ntldr

c: copy c:

Once both of these files have been successfully copied, remove the CD from the computer and reboot.

Taken from click here click here

  [DELETED] 18:06 28 Dec 2003

Or installation disk for USB card left in drive?

  [DELETED] 18:37 28 Dec 2003

Thanks for help. Will go through your various ideas.

Answer was not USB installation disk left in CD drive - the easiest suggestion to deal with. NB It was, however, in CD drive.
Word of warning for me in future.

  [DELETED] 18:44 28 Dec 2003

Checked defintion (link provided) and told that it was NT Loader. What relevance has this to Widows XP home? PS Windows XP was put on this machine a fortnight ago - previously 98SE

  [DELETED] 18:48 28 Dec 2003

You could try click here althogh why it's taken a fortnight to manifest itself is a mystery.

  [DELETED] 18:55 28 Dec 2003

click here
Yep I've had it too

click here

click here

And if all else fails click here

  [DELETED] 18:56 28 Dec 2003

Attempted to boot & repair from Windows XP CD. Unfortunately no success. Received the following message:
"CD Boot: Cannot boot from CD - Code 5"
"NTLD is missing".

Probably will not be able to do any further investigation this evening. My wiffe returns home from work and will require her dinner.
Try again further suggestions tomorrow.
Thank you.

  [DELETED] 19:32 28 Dec 2003

She hasn't arrived back so was able to try the following - ?without success.
Checked GOrdon - Hard drive sequence. The check reveals :
"Boot from LAN first.
Swap foppy drive - disabled.
Boot Up Num Lock status - off
Boot Up System Speed - High"

Is the above sequenceOK?

Also checked GOrdon Ram settings.
Under chipset found:
"SDRAM CAS Latency : 3T
SDRAM RAS# Precharge : 3T
SDRAM Precharge Controls : Disable"

I could have changed the first three to auto but not clear what would happen. Any advice?

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