Windows xp reformat

  hwatkins 20:36 21 Jun 2006

I am planning on reformating my pc but I bought my pc from Time in 2000, and windows xp was already installed. Any ideas who I could contact to get a copy of windows xp??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 21 Jun 2006

Did you get a restore disk with your PC?

  rambus 20:48 21 Jun 2006

if you did not get a copy of xp or reinstallation disc when you bought your pc (if not why not) then you might have to buy a copy. you can get a oem version of xp on ebay £53. someways a better option at least you are not forced to install all the extra crap that you get on a manufactures disc

  Dipso 21:00 21 Jun 2006

You can get Time Restore CD's on Ebay for £8.99 inc postage click here
The seller says he was a Time/Tiny PC Technician and a Computer Shop store manager. I would email him first.

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