Windows XP re-Install

  User-B45C6974-470A-4FD5-BE0E77E8C28E7D98 08:40 27 May 2005

I re-installed Windows XP over an existing Windows XP which failed to boot several times.
When I click on the Start bar and select all programs only the new Windows installation shows.
How ever if I look with windows explorer I can see all my previous directory folders but if I try to fire the applications windows does not see
the application.
What can I do to merge the new windows files to the old directory?.
Many thanks

  Mr A! 12:13 27 May 2005

re-installing Windows XP over itself unlike Windows 98. One option is to backup all of your important files and settings to CD-R(s), format your hard disk and start a fresh installation. You will then be left with a clean installation.

BUT BE CAREFUL as i am not sure on what happens to the online registration of windows. I think you may need to get a new copy of win xp or am i wrong! Does anybody else know?

  Indigo 1 13:58 27 May 2005

When you say you 're-installed Windows over an existing Windows XP', what exactly did you do ?

Was it an Upgrade or did you just start over and install it 'fresh' ?

Did you use the original version disc and how old/new is it ?

Did the original have SP2 ? does the new version have SP2 ?

Do you have any backups ?

  Brian-336451 14:33 27 May 2005
  Brian-336451 21:41 29 May 2005

If you're reinstalling your own copy, even if you are told to telephone MS it's absolutely no problem, they're very helpful.

Tell them what's on the screen and they'll give you the requisite code.

It's a real non-event so don't worry.

  User-312386 21:49 29 May 2005

I would do a complete re-install

Put the XP DISC in, Restart computer and start tapping the delete key. When in the BIOS change the first boot to CD-ROM and exit BIOS saving changes.

When prompted to do so hit a key to boot from CD-ROM. Now the XP set up will begin. Format the Hard drive. Now install windows XP

Don't forget to change back boot order.

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