Windows XP Prof setup problems

  Infamous 20:48 05 Jan 2003
  Infamous 20:48 05 Jan 2003

Dear people,

I have a problem with my installation of xp prof, basiclly i have re formated my system and now when i get in too set up it formats then it gets stuck on when it copies files needed for setup. Its usally random files each time. I have looked on the microsoft web site, swapped ram in too dirrent dimms, I have cd writer and a dvd drive tried em in both. Now i am frustrated!

Anybody have any new ideas i cant try another slot of Ram as my mates are still on SDRAM


1700 + AMD XP
256 DDR 2100
120 gig WD
g4 mmx 440 64 meg
cooler master case
Abit kr7a Raid
Audigy live drive

  Lozzy 21:04 05 Jan 2003

Sounds like an incompatability issue.

1. What OS were you using before XP?

2. Did you upgrade or did you Format for full installation?

3. Did you run an incompatability test first?

  Quiller. 21:05 05 Jan 2003

Here are 3 things to try. Do them all at once.

Drop your fsb for your 1700 amd to 100mhz.

Disconnect one of your c\d readers, probably the dvd player. If your c\drw is on secondary channel,good.

Make sure in advance bios settings that your virus checker is disabled. Usually the first on the list.

Now try.

  Infamous 21:09 05 Jan 2003

cheers i was using XP prof before just had a problem with the registry, and it worked all fine before hand just waiting for the drive to format again and will try turning down the fsb, ive formated a few times with out no trouble,

thank you for the answers i will reply on wot happends, just i need the comp workin as i got uni exams soon, worst timing ever!

  Infamous 21:41 05 Jan 2003

Just tried that same problem! any more ideas?

  Chris777 21:45 05 Jan 2003

Try putting the Audigy card into a different slot. If no joy, then remove it altogether, it could be faulty...this is something I've seen myself over the last 18 months or so. Good luck!

  Steve N 21:55 05 Jan 2003

I'd try taking out all the PCI cards you have installed and also one of your CDROM drives. If it works then you know there is some inompatability somewhere.

I also assume you boot from the Win XP CD and then format your drive from there? If not then maybe give this a go.

Good luck..

  Quiller. 22:18 05 Jan 2003

Try Steve N's good advice. Also are you trying to fire it up from any of the raid connectors( yellow). If so just try your hard disk and cdrom from the ata100 ide connectors, below the ram.

Also worth looking at. As the bios is very tweaky,cpu fast command decode etc. It might be worth setting this to default as this may interfere with the loading of x\p.

Also, I am sure you have checked, there are no smudges or marks on the disk. lol

  Infamous 22:24 05 Jan 2003

Will have a go! ive took out 1 of the cd roms, and they are connected to the normal ata connectors!tried to turn down the fsb but the system wouldnt boot, had to clear cmos, all i got left in the pci slots is the lan card, im doing a fitness test for the HDD

cheers guys i been on my machine since 10 am, keep the idead going!!

  Quiller. 22:38 05 Jan 2003

Take out the lan card. Good luck I have to download a 80 meg file from a 56k modem. I may be back next tues. lol

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