windows xp and probs with memory

  zabbat 21:54 28 May 2004

ive been having problems loading windows xp on a pc, Ive tried the mobo's message boards to no avail. But i have discovered that if i remove one of my memory sticks, windows xp installs fine, what i can not understand is why i can leave both memory sticks in and both windows 98 and me will install and run fine, any clues?

K7S5A V3 motherboard
athlon 1000mhz processor
1*128mb pc2100 ddr ram (will inst xp with just this)
1*256mb pc2100 ddr ram

  LastChip 22:40 28 May 2004

Does it matter which stick you leave in? In other words, will XP install with either (one) stick in or is it specific to just one of those sticks?

I have read of several instances, where faulty RAM gives problems with XP and W2K installations. For some unknown reason, '98 seems a lot more tolerant of (potentially) faulty RAM.

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you now put both sticks back with XP already installed?

  zabbat 22:47 28 May 2004

xp will only install with 128 meg in once installed if you insert the 256 meg it blue screens. I am concidering buying another stick and taking a chance that the 256 is faulty but it seems a risk, £30 is £30 after all lol.browsing k7s5a board ive found something about high density sticks and low density, i do seem to have one of each and its the low density that works. i do don't know seems strange.

  LastChip 22:56 28 May 2004

if (still using one stick) you remove the low density and replace with the high, what happens then?

If it still crashes (with only the high density stick installed) it's almost certainly, faulty RAM.

  LastChip 22:58 28 May 2004

If it doesn't crash in the above scenario, it could be that the two sticks are incompatible with each other.

  zabbat 23:08 28 May 2004

just tried it, it restarts constantly must be a bad stick

  bananaslik 09:17 29 May 2004

hi zabbat i had the same prob with one of my mem sticks,in the end i had to replace one of my mem sticks as it had gave up the ghost.i thought it was strange bcos the pc ran ok it was only noticable when i tried a re-install of xp it would not load .replaced mem & it loaded straight on no probs

  zabbat 21:44 29 May 2004

yep sussed it. it is the memory stick replaced it with an identicle mem stick installed xp perfectly and runs good. tried the old mem stick in a pc that ran xp and that to crashed imediatley. so thats it, thanx for the help everyone, much appreciated.

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