Windows XP - Problems?

  Sazzzer 19:52 26 Nov 2003

Just got a new pc with Windows XP pre-loaded. I've never used XP before and wondered if there were any problems or issues with XP that I should be aware of.

Also, when I bought it I was told it already had a built in Firewall and Antivirus. I've found the firewall, but nothing relating to the antivirus. Do I need to add separate software?

And while I'm here, can someone please recommend a good popup killer and post a link please.

Many thanks in advance.


  terminus 19:57 26 Nov 2003

Firstly go here and check it out click here

  terminus 19:57 26 Nov 2003

Firstly go here and check it out click here

  DieSse 20:08 26 Nov 2003

No, there is no antivirus in WinXP - though a complete system may have one installed by the supplier.

Yes WinXP does have a firewall - it may need switching on - look in the help for how to do this. DO NOT go onto the web without switching on the inbuilt firewall, unless you want the very high risk you will get the Blaster virus before you can even load the MS fix to prevent it.

The firewall is not a particularly well thought of one - it's only active for incoming traffic anyway. You'd be far better of installng one of the many alternatives.

The Microsoft updates page has a link to a years free worth of a good quality anti-virus and firewall from etrust.

Google has a good pop-up blocker in the Google Toolbar - which is one of the single best downloads you can make for searching also.

  Indigo 1 20:14 26 Nov 2003

Hya, don't bother with the pre-loaded firewall (a 2 year old could crack it)
Don't bother with Windows automatic update, it can cause serious problems. I can highly recomend a free prog called BigFix to update all your software get it from click here.
As far as Anti-Virus, XP does not have any built in but your PC might. Just in case though I can highly recommend Grisoft Anti-Virus which there is also a free version, download it from click here it is self updating as long as you are online (nothing ever beats this one so long as you have current updates).
As far as pop-up killers go, there is nothing that comes close to Zone Alarm 4 Pro which just happens to be the best firewall around today. click here

  Indigo 1 20:20 26 Nov 2003

There is so much you need to do to protect your PC these days but DieSse is absolutely correct DO Not go online without protection !
I cannot recomend highly enough "The Langa List" at click here for excellent advice on PC protection.

  [email protected]@m 21:00 26 Nov 2003

Many computers come with Norton antivirus installed, but it needs to be activated. Look for it in programs.

Having said that, most people on PCA prefer AVG from Grisoft, as above.

  dotdreamer 21:00 26 Nov 2003

Recently purchased Dell Computer with Windows XP-after loading in Windows 2000 from disc I get an error notice when opening word: "Create Adobe PDF -The Create Adobe PDF can not be found-reinstall Create Adobe PDF". I check OK and am able to use word. How do I reinstall Create Adobe PDF ? Also when opening Excel - I get error message: "Microsoft Visual Basic - Compile error in hidden module TB Run97". I can also click OK and run Excel. How can I eliminate this error message?

  [email protected]@m 23:29 26 Nov 2003

Thankyou for taking the time to join our illustrious forum. Please start a new subject under your own name.

Please describe your problem so that the relevant expert can help you.

  VoG II 23:55 26 Nov 2003

Why you posted your question in this thread is a mystery.

Basically you have add-ins that you've installed that have been deleted.

In Excel go to Tools/Addins and untick TBRun 97 (this is part of a text recognition (scanner) program).

In Word similarly to get rid of the Adobe message.

  Sazzzer 00:50 27 Nov 2003

Thank you all very much for your replies. I have searched my pc and can't find any antivirus, so I'm off to check out all the downloads.

I have bigfix already pre-loaded, and I was a bit wary of it as I hadn't heard of it before, but now I'm guessing that it's a good thing I have it.

Thank you again for your help and for replying so quickly, it's very much appreciated.


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