Windows XP Pro - user accounts

  dawsonc 13:17 21 Mar 2005

Last night I attempted to set up, using the control panel area called "user accounts", two accounts. One for me and one for my wife. We previously used one single account that was the administrators logon.
Now when we log in, we only get the option to use either one of the newly created accounts (not the administrators). The consequence of this is that all of the settings previously stored in the administrators account, are not now visible.

Question 1. How do we get in to the administrators settings?
Question 2. How can the settings be carried across? things like address book entries etc.
Question 3. What would happen if I deleted the two accounts that were set-up yesterday?

thanks for your help

  ventanas 13:55 21 Mar 2005

1. Admin account is hidden by default. To display options for all accounts press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice at the welcome screen.

2. Copy the settings from the admin account - C:\documents and settings\administrator into all users.

3. No idea, you can try it and see.

  sinbad1 13:59 21 Mar 2005

click here this may help.
have you tried system restore?

  mattyc_92 14:56 21 Mar 2005

If you wish to have the hidden administrator account displayed on the welcome screen, then click here (soz about the advertisement on the right)

  dawsonc 15:47 21 Mar 2005

I'll try your suggestions.

Will try deleting the new accounts to see what happens.

How do I use System Restore ?

  Jackcoms 18:33 21 Mar 2005

"How do I use System Restore ?"

Start; All Programs; Accessories; System Tools; System Restore.

Choose a restore point before the event/problem you wish to unscramble.

  dawsonc 20:40 21 Mar 2005

Thank you everyone. System restored successfully

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