windows xp pro user account,s

  mammak 21:22 23 Aug 2003

Hello folks now bear with me on this i have few problems but will try and put them across as best i can,but if you feel i should open a new thread on one or more please say.
right here go,s my aim was to switch between acount,s ie: mine and my 6yr olds (so as she could have her own fav list there as making it a bit safer for her note i stay with her at all time,s) thanks to spikeychris i have now created two accounts ."first problem i can dial up in this case freeserve anytime on my account,but when i switch to my daughter,s account the connection breaks and wont let me connect again, untill i switch back to my account, now both account,s are showing computer administrator? could this be the problem, problem 2 (this is where i feel your going to say go away and open a new thread,on my daughter,s account i see nothing at all to create a fav,s list on the start menu, which was the whole idea of logging her into her own account as she is only 6 is familar with her own web pages :ie disney bob the builder ect, sorry to rattle on folk,s but i really would be grateful if any one can help in hope Mammak

  [DELETED] 21:34 23 Aug 2003

To display Favourites richt click on task bar, choose properties -start menu- customize - advanced - put a tick next to favourites.

  [DELETED] 21:46 23 Aug 2003

And the first part is, you will have to enable user switching. This will allow you to keep the connection with Freeserve. Log on as administrator, go to Control Panel, and User Accounts.
Click Change the way users log on or off.
If it is not already selected, click to select the Use the Welcome screen check box.

Select the Use Fast User Switching check box.


  mammak 21:46 23 Aug 2003

Steven135 thanks problem 2 sorted , any takers on prob 1 my internet connection hangs up as i change users and wont dial up on second user

  mammak 22:24 23 Aug 2003

spikeychris thanks done all that but each time i switch users the connection hangs and it wont dail up unless im on mine, both account,s are showing up as adminiistrator ????

  powerless 22:26 23 Aug 2003

Why wont it dial?

What happens?

Check the settings, phone number etc.

  mammak 22:49 23 Aug 2003

Powerless, i can dail on mine no probs, get a connection then switch user it hang,s then i try
on second account which is administrator as well as my own, it says user name and pass word not valid ?? every thing else is fine it,s just when i change user, the freeserve kit shows on the taskbar but wont dail up on the new user account. in hope Mamak

  mammak 23:02 23 Aug 2003

Thanks to all you good people for your help,
got it sorted ,silly me wasent closing down my program,s before i opened the next account, so there as my comp was getting some what confused, thanks again you good people, for ever in your debt, Mammak

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