Windows xp pro oem

  Navid.s 23:32 22 Feb 2006

hi, i am thinking of buying a windows xp pro oem cd.
Does anyone no how mamy time it can be activated?
what happens if u change hardware it the computer?

  Navid.s 00:07 23 Feb 2006


  CurlyWhirly 07:18 23 Feb 2006

I don't think there's a limit to the number of times it can be activated.
I think you can change your hardware EXCEPT for the actual motherboard itself as the XP OEM version is tied to your particular motherboard and also dies with it.

  dms05 08:00 23 Feb 2006

If the XP Pro OEM hasn't been used before and you have the 'key' it should activate unless it's tied to a specific brand of PC (ie Dell).

  ventanas 09:28 23 Feb 2006

You CAN'T buy a Windows XP OEM cd unless it comes preinstalled on a NEW computer. click here

  ventanas 09:29 23 Feb 2006

Following on from what CurlyWhirly has posted. This option now no-longer exists. OEM XP can only be purchased with a new computer.

  keef66 09:35 23 Feb 2006

You shouldn't be able to, but in practice you still can buy oem copies of Windows without buying a new pc. Although it clearly contravenes the MS licence agreement, Microsoft's clarification of the oem situation has done little to stop the trade in single copies of oem software, often sold with no hardware at all.
Presumably the vendor's defence would be that they thought they were selling to a small system builder?

  rmcqua 09:36 23 Feb 2006

I'm guessing that you are considering buying this off EBay. My advice would be - don't. I know someone who did just this and, despite much effort, never managed to get it activated. Needless to say, the seller wasn't especially helpful.

  ventanas 12:14 23 Feb 2006

I agree with you entirely, but I feel that it should be pointed out to whoever is thinking of buying one of these that both the sale and the installation are illegal. If caught, anyone (both buyer and seller) will be in big (and I mean big) trouble.

  CurlyWhirly 16:54 23 Feb 2006

You are correct in your post above.
I had forgotten that Microsoft had altered the OEM rules which I assume were introduced in an attempt to reduce casual piracy.

  jimv7 17:09 23 Feb 2006

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