Windows XP pro cannot repair insallation

  Demora 08:43 12 Jun 2007

Long story.

Short version
Yesterday I installed two new memory sticks of DDR Ram. (2x 1gbyte), pc and windows recognised this fine. BUT to install memory chips I had to remove the graphics card. This then started all manner of problems.

The drivers went missing, tried to install. Win XP not having any.

To cut a long story short I cannot repair windows any way. I cannot get in to safe mode as the pc has locked up everytime I try. Tried the 'boot from cd' option.

I can access the hdd via cable connections to my laptop and back up all the recent stuff.

I just wondered if I was missing any shortcuts and was there another way before I reformat and go for a complete new install of everything.


  Diemmess 09:17 12 Jun 2007

[and windows recognised this fine]?

Do you mean the computer's BIOS recognised the new memory?
Otherwise my best guess is the the video card is not properly back home.

If you haven't uninstalled anything it must be faulty RAM or something not fully reseated.

  nicholaskirk11 09:24 12 Jun 2007

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  Diemmess 09:26 12 Jun 2007

By faulty RAM I mean that could include a mismatch in the type of RAM you've fitted.

Try going back to the old RAM before you consider anything else.

  Demora 09:43 12 Jun 2007

I've tried everything apart from a hammer. (this pc always does this sort of thing everytime I add hardware or new software) I did think of burying it in the garden so it wouldn't haunt me. BUT seriously The BIOS recognises the ram. Both sticks are same make.and type. (The old were not) When I did get into 'safe mode' I was able to check mem/hdd etc.

Am backing up to the laptop as we speak and then going to use 'Killdisk' click here

System Athlon 64 3400 Maxtor SATA Hdd dvd re writer ATI radeon x1300 safpire AGP. winfast (cheapie Motherboard) )NASTY(.


  Diemmess 10:08 12 Jun 2007

Understand what you meant when you said there was a long story!
A prickly reationship with the hardware always finding something to plague you.

Total reformat and reinstall is inelegant and a bit like the threatened hammer, but ought to produce the smooth running computer you have always dreamed about.
Good luck this time.

  Demora 10:42 12 Jun 2007

Diemmess. I had my good pc. why I updated it 18 months ago I just don't know.. At least its still working. 7 years old and formatted once in all that time.

I'll keep you posted as to how it all goes


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