Windows XP Pro Boot up - Why so long??

  [DELETED] 14:27 05 Mar 2003

Hi all, just a simple query....i hope!!! I am running a XP2100 processor, two hard disks (not raid) totalling 100GB, 1gb ram, 64 mb graphics card, but when i boot my machine up it takes ages compared to others.

If you watch the screen on boot up and count the number of times the line goes across (sad i know, but i have done it many times!!), it goes past FIFTEEN times???

Compare that to my mates machine, which is only FOUR!!?? Can anyone tell me why? is it because i am running two hard disks?

Silly query i know, but maybe someone just knows!!!

Till next time ..........

  [DELETED] 14:31 05 Mar 2003

as I don't know anything about running two hard drives, but have you tried out BootVis which is downloadable from Microsoft. It cut my boot time from 34 seconds to 23. Worth a try at least ? : }

  [DELETED] 14:38 05 Mar 2003

As a guide, I have XP Pro 1800XP CPU and approx. 4 gig of programs on a 40g hard drive, and it takes 58 seconds from a cold boot to finished desktop. J.

  [DELETED] 14:43 05 Mar 2003

yeah lets rub salt in the wounds, my xp machine is a 1400 athlon,with 40gb hardrive 7200rpm and mine starts to desktop finish 32 seconds.

catman2000, are your hardrives the same speed, and what are the hardrives speed 5400rpm or 7200rpm.has it always been this slow, or recently, if so what has been installed prior to the problem.

when you boot up keep pressing f8 and then choose boot logging, and see if there is any driver(s) that are hanging

  [DELETED] 14:53 05 Mar 2003

©®@$ђ, thought mine was quick! I'm now going off to have a sulk. :o(

But i'll be back. :o)

  graham 14:59 05 Mar 2003

I found when I installed Adobe Photoshop 7 the boot up time doubled due to all the stuff that has to load. I now only put it in the start-up menu when I want to use it.

  [DELETED] 15:14 05 Mar 2003

Yep, time for me to do a little pruning, I only installed XP pro. a couple of weeks back and I have just looked in my sys. tray, 12 Icons!..

Plus 27 programs running in the background, these are all to do with my scanner, printer, plus associated programs that load with them, and the software for DVD/CDRW drives. So maybe the boot-up time isn't too bad after all.

  [DELETED] 15:22 05 Mar 2003

" services " you can disable or set to manual.

click here

  [DELETED] 15:38 05 Mar 2003

your boot time seems fine, especially with all those programs running.

when you first install xp, it always runs faster and smoother like everything else, and the more you feed it that fatter and more bloated it gets, hence the slow down, but still having it reach the desktop in under a minute isn't worth worrying about, my machine with the 40gb is not yet up and running as a have not got a graphics card for it, but i recall that starting up around 30-35 second mark.i'm not too sure how fast it would load fully loaded.but this machine is my dads, he has xp,1800xp athlon 80gb hardrive 7200rpm, with 30gb free space and this starts up roughly about 30-40 seconds.i may time it the next time i shutdown and start-up.but maybe having the first boot device as the hardrive in the bios, and turning off floppy seek etc will increase the boot time.but if its all fast tot he point of when the os loads, then you may want to disable some startup items,services etc.but to do all this just to increase a boot time that is quick anyway, is more trouble than it's worth, but as for catman2000, the point at which it is slow is when the operating system is loading, and the bios and devices has already been detected,s o this could point at the hardrive being slow,and the os, so maybe get this bootvis tool, and switch off unwanted services,and startup items, may help, i'm sure i have some topics in my postings about this subject i'll have a look, and if theres anything worth mentioning i will

  [DELETED] 15:53 05 Mar 2003

Boot - Increase Bootup Speed

Right click My Computer Icon/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager. Go to IDE/ATAPI Controllers. Select Primary Channel/Properties. On the device that does not have a device type, select disable instead of autodetect.

This example assumes you have 1 Hard drive on your primary IDE channel and a DVD-ROM(or CD)
and CD-R on your two secondary IDE channels.

This article describes how to disable common startup programs, settings, and drivers to troubleshoot issues in Windows XP. This procedure is known as "clean booting."

click here

Bootvis - Decrease Boot Time

Bootvis is a Boot performance trace visualization tool for use with Windows XP systems. It gives a graphical view of what processes are doing what and when during boot and allow you to optimize your boot up. A very handy tool.

Download Bootvis: click here
This is a self extracting ZIP file. Double click the file you just downloaded and unzip it to the folder of your choice. Locate Bootvis.exe click on it. You will now see the GUI of bootvis.

Now go to File/New and choose "Next boot trace" or "Next boot and drivers chase". Leave everything else as is and get ready for a reboot in 15 seconds. Then click on the Bootvis.exe, it will now output the results, once it has finished generating the report, you will see graphs 5 or 6 graphs. From the main menu .. Click on Trace >> optimize system, then reboot.

You will see a message box "Please wait for bootvis to load" ... about 20 seconds later another message box will appear "Optimizing system for boot performance" basically bootvis is rearranging the boot files for a faster startup.

  [DELETED] 16:24 05 Mar 2003

thanks all, quite interesting to read what some of you have etc. I am running Photoshop 7 so i might get rid of that and just see what happens, but thanks to all again.

I wont be back for a while, i'm off to sulk as you all have better machines than me!!!!.....but don't worry, i'll be back!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again

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