Windows XP Pro boot-up screen choice

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 19:26 27 Feb 2004

When Windows XP Pro boots up i get an annoying choice of whether i want to load XP Pro or XP home....why does it do this?

How can i get rid of this choice and have it boot straight up into XP Pro?



  powerless 19:30 27 Feb 2004

Well do you have or ever had XP HOME?

EDIT: Start, Run, Type:


Click OK!

Delete the XP HOME Line.

Or more easier: Control Panel, System, Advanced, Settings (third), chose the default OS and uncheck the time box.

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 22:30 27 Feb 2004

yes i did have home edition....but re-formatted my hard drive and installed the professional edition.

Why do you ask?

  temp003 23:39 27 Feb 2004

- because there's no particular reason why the boot menu should show XP Home unless you've had it at some stage.

More important, you're sure you formatted the drive when you installed XP Pro?

If you did, the boot menu shouldn't show XP Home.

Could you copy and paste the contents of your C:\boot.ini file here, if you haven't made changes yet?

If you have made changes, that's all right, Powerless' s suggestion will achieve what you want.

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