Windows XP Pro ..Boot Problems

  buckeye 18:51 31 Oct 2010

I am running XP Pro..on start up when computer gets to splash screen it comes up 'no signal' then starts to reboot...then 'no signal' then starts to reboot and so it continues all connections seem in order .. anyone help ?

  c4rm0 19:00 31 Oct 2010

sounds like a graphics card / monitor issue try boot the pc up and press F8 to go into safe mode if it lets you in try uninstall / reinstall your graphics card drivers

also check refresh rates / resolution ect

  buckeye 22:43 31 Oct 2010

can't get into safe mode...same thing happens

  woodchip 22:56 31 Oct 2010

no signal Can mean anything, Hard Drive not recognised etc. but to sum it up Computer is not working. As the above does not need Computer to work with most Screens, the screen generates the message. First thing to check if its a desktop is the Power Supply PSU

  buckeye 08:12 01 Nov 2010

How do I check the power supply?

  kristain 10:00 01 Nov 2010

Here are the steps to check power supply:

1. Plug the A/C adapter directly into a wall outlet. Make sure the power cable is securely inserted into the power brick.

2. Locate the A/C adapter's output voltage. Voltage ratings are usually located on the bottom of the power brick.

3. On the Ohm Meter, plug the red wire into the slot marked with a + sign -this is positive. Plug the black wire into the slot marked with a - sign - this is negative. Make sure to plug the ends in without the plastic handles.

4. Set the Ohm Meter to DCV (Direct Current Voltage) and make sure it is set to a number higher than the voltage listed on the power supply. Usually you will set the Ohm meter to the number 50.

5. Place the tip of the of the black conductor on the outside edge of the adapter.

6. Place the tip of the red conductor inside the adapter.

7. To verify if power is being supplied, look at the needle reading; it should land on the voltage marking near the voltage listed on the back of the power supply.

click here

  woodchip 10:25 01 Nov 2010

The above check is for a Laptop.
To check a Desktop is by trying a known working PSU of at least same or bigger Watts. PSU is found by taking Left side of tower case the PSU is at the Top Back a Box with all wires coming from it, do not be alarmed about all the wires, check that the replacement as at least all the same plugs to connect all your hardware in the case. Turn all power off before removing or fitting the PSU this includes Removing the Plug from the Wall Socket.

Watt Size will be on the PSU most likely at the top.
Held in place by four screws round the fan at the back of the case

  woodchip 10:27 01 Nov 2010

You should not turn on a PSU for a Desktop without it being connected to the Hardware as this can destroy it

  buckeye 12:45 01 Nov 2010

will check later..i,m sure i kept some stuff from redundant base units...let you know..thanks

  buckeye 19:18 01 Nov 2010 joy with another psu.

  buckeye 21:51 01 Nov 2010

When switched on machine now boots for about ten seconds then shuts down again..

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