Windows XP Pro Autoplay problems

  Vaughanster 23:50 19 Apr 2007

When I insert a CD or DVD it will not “auto play”. I have tried just about everything I can do to try and get it running: Shift F10, a Right Click, Edit followed by the drop down menu etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. I can not use my arms due to my left arm being amputated and my right arm being paralysed due to a motorbike accident. I use Speech Recognition and when I’m feeling lazy, I use a large stiff nylon rod to type (like using one finger to type). With this in mind and 16 years since my accident, I think I know most tricks and shortcuts. Can anyone out there shed any light? I have Windows XP Professional, SP2 with the latest updates.

Very best wishes


  Stuartli 00:06 20 Apr 2007

Have you tried My Computer (Desktop)>Explore>Open C drive>right click on your optical drive>Properties>AutoPlay tab?

  skidzy 00:13 20 Apr 2007
  lotvic 00:15 20 Apr 2007

My Computer > right click on the DVD/CD drive > left click on Properties > AutoPlay tab > make your choices...

I don't know what method you could employ to navigate (must be difficult for you) but that is where you need to be to enable AutoPlay on the drives.

- much admiration for your perserverance

  MAJ 00:17 20 Apr 2007

I imagine you've tried all the options except the registry option, Vaughanster. If you feel comfortable about going in to the registry, then take a look at the:


section, clickon the Cdrom folder and takea look in the righthand pane. See if the "Autorun" entry is set to 0 (zero), if it is, then double-click on it and set the value to 1 (one). Exit the registry, reboot your computer and see if it has helped. Be careful when in the registry and don't change anything else. If it is necessary to edit that Autorun value, go to File > Export and backup that part of the registry by giving the file a name and clicking "save".

  Vaughanster 00:23 20 Apr 2007

Thanks everso much to you all so far. I shall away and try all of these and get back to you ASAP.

If anyone has any Broadband problems/issues/questions whether it be for a fixed or Max conn, please feel free to ask away as I do this gear for a living in a specialised team. This though only go to show that nutters like myself fall down quicker with PC issues as well.

Cheers all


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