Windows XP Pro Auto updates – status monitoring

  norasan 21:05 15 Mar 2005

Can anyone answer this question? I am not having much joy finding answers. Or maybe looking in the wrong place like the MS KB!

Is there any way of finding out how far XP Pro (SP2) thinks it has got doing a series of auto updates? I recently downloaded 17 updates (after a battle) and after leaving the computer switched on for a day the system states 1 of 15 to be installed. Whoopee 2 installs completed. Very slow for a 64 bit processor with 1GB RAM.

Add/Remove programs utility does not give me a list like I see in Windows 2000 updates. So what was installed?

Go to the MS website and it says I have 17 updates to install!

And if anyone knows how to kick XP into running the installs there and then and not having to wait to an allotted time I would be forever grateful.

Thanks for any advice


  Jackcoms 21:11 15 Mar 2005

It depends what setting you have in Automatic Updates.

Are you set up to download only or to download AND install?

Even if you are set up to download and install, the MS Update site may still not show all your installed updates because some updates require a re-boot before installation is finalised.

  norasan 21:22 15 Mar 2005

Hi Jackcoms
Only running in Notify me when download available. I then select those to download and wait and wait …..
I take your point about the reboot. Will try a reboot tomorrow morning. PC is in my son’s room! I’am on another XP PRO without SP2 just in case!


  Jackcoms 21:30 15 Mar 2005

"Only running in Notify me when download available"

And that's all you get - notification. Download hasn't even taken place at that point, let alone installation.

Which raises another question. Are you on dial-up or BB?

If dial-up; download could take donkeys years for 17 updates, depending on their size, which may explain why you "wait and wait".

  norasan 21:36 15 Mar 2005

BB 512K. Download should start when you click download option. What you get is a box saying download initialising....
And a long wait.
How I got around this was by going to the MS Update site and downloading directly.
The 17 updates at 6.2Mb took 6 mins to download over a wifi connection.

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