Windows XP Pro - Administrator Password Problem

  Fastflys 20:34 19 Nov 2003

Can you help my friend? He has emailed me for assistance but I use W2k pro and only have a limited knowledge of XP.

When he trys to make any changes he is asked for an administrator password. He says that either he did not set one or has forgotten it.

If no password was set I believe the default is "No Password" and pressing return will allow him to continue. Am I right or wrong?

What is the fix if he did set an administrator password and has now forgotten it?

Hope this makes sense as I have not seen the problem on his computer myself.

He upgraded his computer OS from W98 to XP Pro and nobody else has set an administrator password.

Any advice will be most welcome.

  BarryKeith 20:40 19 Nov 2003
  Fastflys 21:04 19 Nov 2003

Wow, that was a quick response - Thanks.

I've read the thread and will pass on the information.

It would appear that I was right about the default setting being "No Password"

The next step would be to try going to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Users and Passwords. Highlight Administrator and choose Set Password

If this fails will creating a password reset disk work?

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