Windows XP Pro

  Eddieok666 21:24 14 Feb 2005

I have 'obtained' a copy of windows xp pro
from my work. I assume its an OEM, just being in a packet. Its a sealed packet with CoA. What are the pro and cons if I install it and register it on my computer


  ade.h 21:28 14 Feb 2005

I take it that it's not currently registered to someone, but has it ever been used? click here

  Eddieok666 21:31 14 Feb 2005

I don't think it has been used or registered. For the cost of software I'm willing to try it first. Pro and cons ?


  ade.h 21:34 14 Feb 2005

If it has not been registered/activated, then it should be fine. You'll probably soon find out if it's not! You can read the EULA during installation if you want to check the small print.

  Eddieok666 21:37 14 Feb 2005

Do I still get to download updates etc

  mrdsgs 21:42 14 Feb 2005

much depends on how you "obtained" it.

My business buys many oem licenses as we build pcs for our own use.

we only need one open cd pack and then just read the cd key through the packet of each machine's oem pack. For security we then keep the oem packs in a safe.

technically we should put the CoA stickers on the machine cases.

The risk is that you may have "obtained" an oem cd pack in the above situation and then it would be useless to you as it would have already been activated. In the worst case, contacting microsoft to activate it could lead to the "deactivation" of the genuine machine's installation, making it impossible for that machine to get windows updates.

This is very much a worst case scenario, but you have been warned!


  ventanas 21:44 14 Feb 2005

If its OEM it will say so somewhere, or have a vendors name, such as Dell on it. The CoA is irrelevant for this purpose. If it is OEM you cannot use it, irrespective of whether or not it has been used before. The cd can only be used with the computer with which is was supplied. If that computer has been disposed of so should the disc have been. If it was bought OEM as a CD only this would not have been a legal purchase.

But if the CD makes no mention of OEM or Vendors name, go ahead. No problem at all.

  mrdsgs 21:48 14 Feb 2005

not necessarily, it could have ben purchased with a "qualifying piece of hardware" for a new build and then perhaps the project was scrapped without any of the new build being undertaken and the oem pack and the hardware could then have been stored together.


  .HTML 21:53 14 Feb 2005

You can still recive the critical updates, but (personal experience) you cannot download SP1/2. Its a slight annoyence, but its a great OS, go for it!!

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