Windows XP Permissions

  Gary 12:50 02 Mar 2003

I have just set up Windows XP Professional Edition on my computer. I have created user accounts for the four people who use the machine, with myself as the administrator and the other users with Limited accounts. By default, this has created Documents and Settings folders for each user on the C:\ drive (i.e. on C: there is now one main folder called "Documents and Settings" and in there there are subfolders with each user's documents and settings in).

My computer has two hard drives fitted, labelled C: and D:. What I want to do is to move all the documents and settings files onto drive D:. I have managed to do this, but now, instead of each user only being able to see, read and write to their own folder, they can see and read everyone elses (whereas when they were on C: they couldn't do this). I need to change some permissions so that I, as the administrator can see, read and write to everyone's account, but so that each user can only see, read and write to their own folder and a shared folder common to all users.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

  Gary 14:07 02 Mar 2003

Both of my drives are using NTFS file systems.

Anyone got any ideas? This is really driving me mad!

  JoJoJo 15:57 02 Mar 2003

There's a letter in the PC Advisor Magazine this month (PC Advisor April 2003: 135) which asks for information on how to move the Documents and Settings Folder on to a different drive than the default drive (i.e. the one that Windows is installed on). I have tried following these steps but it does not seem to make any difference. Is the method given in PCA article correct? Anyone got any ideas why this doesn't seem to work or how I can get around it?

All suggestions appreciated!

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