Windows XP and Permissions

  Jester2K 07:53 12 Jan 2004

I run a PC with Windows XP. I have a daily routine which backs up my files to a second slave hard drive using EzBackItUp click here.

Both drives are NTFS.

A while back i did a reinstall and had problems with the permissions on my files. The thread that helped me out has been deleted since and i didn't save a copy.

The problem was this. When i reinstalled i had 5 accounts. The Administrator Account (rarely used - password protected), my account (Computer Administrator - password protected) and 3 Limited User Accounts (no passwords).

All the files under the limited user accounts copied back from the slave drive to their respective My Documents folders fine. I just couldn't copy my files over as i didn't have the right permissions to open, copy or move my files. With help from others here i got those permissions removed.

What i need to know is, that with those problems in mind whats the best way to stop this happening again? At the minute I'm still copying to a slave drive but if i reinstall I'm going to have to spend ages removing permissions of 100 s of files again.

Would this happen if the files where backed up to CDR or a FAT32 partition?

  Big Elf 09:11 12 Jan 2004


  temp003 10:34 12 Jan 2004

Hi, Jester2K, just a guess, but next time when you have to do a reinstall (whether a clean install or repair reinstall), when prompted for the Computer Name, try using the same computer name as before (and naturally use the same account names).

MS's default suggestion for computer name is usually (at least on w2k) my last name followed by a random string of numbers. I always remove the numbers.

I know that ownership of a file is associated with not only the user account name, but also the computer name, so a file is owned by [computer name/user account name]. When you do a reinstall, if the computer name is changed (likely if you accept MS's default suggestion), even if you use the same account name and password, the identity is changed, which now becomes [new computer name/user account name].

This may affect the question of permissions after a reinstall. As I said I'm only guessing, but if you have not been using the same computer name on a reinstall, try this next time (and tell me whether it makes any difference if you can remember).

If you have been using the same computer name and still has this problem, then obviously I'm wrong (and DO tell me now).

You can check your computer name in My Computer Properties, Network Identification. You can also change the current computer name from there, and reboot.

If my guess about computer name is correct, I wonder if you could repossess ownership of old files after a reinstall by changing the new computer name back to the old computer name before the reinstall? Thinking aloud.

Speaking of names and identities, have you been switching between Jester2k and Jester2k II? Or are you different members?

  Jester2K 10:59 12 Jan 2004

temp003 - Cheers. We've been using the same names and passwords where relevant. However i didn't think about the Computer Name so it's difficult to know if that affects it. I'll have to make a note next time and see if it does affect it.

I just dropped the II bit so i'm now just Jester2K.

  Big Elf 11:06 12 Jan 2004

Useful suggestion. I've always used the same computer name and logon password after a format and re-install so maybe that's why I can access my backed up data.

  Big Elf 11:14 12 Jan 2004

I should also mention that I use the Administrator account only (bad practice, I know).

  spikeychris 11:26 12 Jan 2004

Did you take ownership of your account? you will then be able to adjust the permissions on it. Right-click the account and click "Properties", select the
"Security" tab, and take ownership.

Then you can reassign the access privileges.

  Jester2K 11:31 12 Jan 2004

Hmmm not sure what you mean!

I set up the account from new.

The problem was i couldn't copy the files from my slave drive to my account as the files where locked as i didn't have Permission.

It was the backups on the slave drive that where locked not my account.

  spikeychris 11:33 12 Jan 2004

Yeah you have to take control of the account if you want to copy the profile. If you take ownership you will be able to set the permissions.

  Big Elf 11:35 12 Jan 2004

Where abouts do you right click? I've tried it in Control Panel, User Accounts but nothing happens.

  spikeychris 11:37 12 Jan 2004

Type %SystemRoot%\Profiles\yourname into run.

You will have to make sure that Simple File Sharing is unticked first.

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