Windows XP OEM Activation Query

  bstock 17:49 07 Mar 2006

Recently purchased disc of XP to upgrade my ageing PC.

Great deal of problems getting it to install but finally managed it and activated my copy (too quickly as it turned out). Faulty motherboard then made using xp impossible.

Am I correct in assuming that I am now snookered as far as re-installing/re-activating this copy elsewhere?


  surfmonkey #:@} 18:14 07 Mar 2006

as far as i can see there is no probblem of you installing it on another HD as long as its only 1 HD and its not on another HD on any other pc you have it will be ok

  Batch 18:21 07 Mar 2006

Microsft profile various elements of the hardware (e.g. mobo, hdd, NIC) and allow limited changes without re-activation. Not sure if you can change the mobo without needing to re-activate.

If re-activation is needed, you may need to call Microsoft and explain - I gather that they usually allow it to go ahead (as long as they get a good story).

  bstock 18:45 07 Mar 2006

Thanks for your swift responses.

As it was an oem disc I did not think Microsoft would allow it to re-activated on another pc.

  Batch 08:32 08 Mar 2006

There seem to be differing views on reactivation on another PC.

See the comments at click here and click here

and draw your own conclusions (or try recativating and see what happens).

It's interesting to note that ebuyer sell two OEM versions of XP home at virtually the same price (£59ish) - one that requires a hardware purchase and one that doesn't.

  woofwoofbark 08:47 08 Mar 2006

I recently bought an 80GB HD to back up my 40gb main drive , reformatted the 40 and reinstalled windows XP HE , I have formatted a few times in the past and got a message on activating windows again , something similar too :- "you have activated windows too many times , call this number to re-activate" <<< not the actual woding but you get the idea ... I had to call windows , free phone call , .... I then decided to split the 40gb to read as 2 20gb hd's and again reinstalled windows and had to call again to reactivate ..... then as a person that cant settle with what ive got I then made the 80gb my main drive and added XP to it and had to call once more to reactivate ... hope your keeping up lol , i have since decided to split the 80 to read as C:20GB D:60GB and the slave 40 is foramtted to read as D:40GB , again I called microsoft to reactiavte ..... they ask each time if its my own comp , how many camps do I have my copy of windows on and the reason for reactivation .....

I asked if there was a limit to reactivating my XP , and was told "no limit" as along as its activated on my own computer !!! so I have acctually called to reactivate 3 times in around 10 days lol

so its not a problem ....

I have not long since finnished night shift (hope ive explained this ok haha)



  Batch 09:01 08 Mar 2006

bstock is referring to OEM version (see title of thread). Do your comments relate to OEM or retail?

  bstock 09:26 08 Mar 2006

Also I was enquiring regarding re-installing on another machine as the one I initial tried and somehow managed to activate it on is too unreliable hardware wise for XP to run for any length of time before rebooting itself. At the moment I can't even get into windows.

Many thanks, most useful. Basically,as far as I gather so far, its not legal to the letter of the law but is possible by phoning for activation and expaining your problem to someone in India maybe.

Don't think I am going to get any clearer message on this tricky subject so I'll mark the thread resolved

Thanks for all your comments


  woofwoofbark 10:00 08 Mar 2006

I was checking the Microsoft site and found this ... is it useful for you ??

click here

Is it possible to transfer a license to another computer?

Consumers should refer to the terms of their license agreement to determine whether or not it is legal to transfer a license to another computer. But in those cases where it is allowed, the product must first be removed from the previous computer. Users may be required to complete the activation on the new computer by placing a call to the Microsoft Activation Center.

  dth 10:28 08 Mar 2006

MS consider getting a new m/b as replacing the P/C. There general thinking is that if it is a new P/C then you need a further copy of Windows XP (for the oem version). Although I understand that they look at each case on it's merits and try to be helpful.

Am a bit like beemerman with my re-installs and really hate and resent having to phone ms up every time

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