Windows XP OEM

  MP08 12:01 19 Oct 2003

I've purchased a new PC with an OEM version Windows XP Home. Is there any difference between the OEM and the full version.

If so should I updgrade to the full XP Home edition.

  powerless 12:07 19 Oct 2003

No difference.

...Apart from no support from MS.

Keep your money and enjoy XP.

  Forum Editor 12:10 19 Oct 2003

but there's a caveat.

According to the terms of Microsoft's OEM licence your copy of Windows XP is linked to that single computer for its useful life. Once the computer dies the licence dies with it - you can't transfer the software to your next machine.

  the lone cloner 15:03 19 Oct 2003

also there are certain functions you will not be able to perform, this is because oem is not the full home xp os.

  powerless 15:04 19 Oct 2003

Could you name the functions?

  [email protected] 15:46 19 Oct 2003

FE What constitutes the end of a PC`s useful life? With upgrading a computer could in theory last for years and years (although at the end the only original component might be the floppy drive!)

Reminicant of the Only fools & horses episode with the 20 yr old council broom - it had had something like 5 new handles and 9 new heads :-)

  the lone cloner 22:14 19 Oct 2003

One that i came across recently was reg backup see kb 308422 ,there are others, you don't get the whole kit with oem.

  powerless 22:18 19 Oct 2003

click here

Using OEM myslef and it is there.

  Eagie 22:22 19 Oct 2003

You are only allowed to make a few changes to your machine before it is regarded as a new machines, as Microsoft once told me:

"If you have changed your motherboard you no longer have the legal right to use the OEM software that came with PC. Once you change the motherboard or chassis of your PC it is considered a new PC."

If you make numerous changes (graphics cards, processor etc) then your OEM licence will be invalid.

  the lone cloner 19:58 20 Oct 2003

to powerless the cd refered to is the full systems cd not the recovery cd that you get with oem,mine came from time, when i enquired as to why some functions were not onboard the reply was if you want it buy the full os (but no one will sell it with a computer) tosh i know.

  the lone cloner 20:04 20 Oct 2003

to powerless i mean backup not systems restore.

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