windows xp not save pics as jpeg

  dek26 19:12 11 Jul 2003

i have a problem when i try 2 save a wallpaper when i right click and click save as it opens up a window 4 me 2 save it in2 my pics but i can only save it as either a bitmap or art and when i choose either 1 when i go in2 my pic file 2 use the wallpaper it cannot b displayed as a wallpaper and i can not preview it there is a symbol of windsurfer i think it is i no i can set it as wallaper but i want 2 be able 2 save them so i can change my wallpaper when i feel any help would much appreciated.

  wheelie 19:43 11 Jul 2003

I think wallpaper files are supposed to be bitmaps anyway, but you could always click here and download Irfanview which allows you to set images as wallpaper as well as changing their properties.

Hope that helps.

  dek26 19:55 11 Jul 2003

cheers will give it ago but i think i should still b able 2 do it with xp cos a friend of mine can on his but thanks 4 the help wheelie much appreciated

  barrie_g 20:08 11 Jul 2003

If you save it in C/Windows/Web/Wallpaper this should do the trick as it is where your XP Wallpaper is saved.

  dek26 21:00 11 Jul 2003

no that isnt doing the trick it just shows up as a file with a symbol of a windsurfer.

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