Windows XP not allowing new processes?

  Brirev 21:06 11 Nov 2005

Hi there.

I've recently started having the following problem:
When I logon or come back on to my Windows id from another id then I can start some programs but then clicking on - say - Internet Explorer or Windows Task Manager or logoff doesn't do anything. The existing programs continue to run okay. After about 5 mins all the other program requests that I've issued are suddenly actioned - so taking the above, an extra IE will open up, swiftly followed by WTM then logoff.

Any idea what's happening please?

  phono 22:06 11 Nov 2005

Have you tried running an antivirus and adware/malware check on your system?

If you load up taskmanager, CTRL+ALT+DEL or right click task bar and select Task Manager, select the Processes tab, click on the CPU heading, it may need a couple of clicks to sort correctly, you should now see what process is hogging the CPU, note its name and post it in this conference.

Please note that it is quite normal for the System Idle Process to show a high CPU usage figure.

  Brirev 22:10 11 Nov 2005

phono - thanks for responding. By the time I get Task Manager up the problem has been solved. I've already got running ZoneAlarm Firewall and AVG but I'll have another look.
BTW, System Restore isn't working - goes all the way through the "restore to a previous.." until try and logon and then says that SR has failed.

  Brirev 16:15 12 Nov 2005

I've run AVG virus scan and Spybot Search & Destroy - found nothing. Is there anything else I can use to scan the PC for nasties that these two might not have picked up?

Also, curiously, if I have "Windows Task Manager" up and running, problems don't seem to occur.

Any ideas anybody?


  Brirev 14:52 16 Nov 2005

I still need help!

The System Restore facility works now, but only goes back a few days/weeks.

I think that the basic response problem may have started when I networked my desktop PC to a laptop PC using crossover cable/peer-to-peer.

Any hints and tips please?

  Freddog™ 17:57 16 Nov 2005

Format it? Can you save your work?

  phono 18:10 16 Nov 2005

Are you still having the system response problems or just system restore problems?

  Brirev 13:12 17 Nov 2005

Freddog - I'm not sure I understand your posting - if a process/program is running then I can do everything that you can normally do with a program - including saving any work in progress.

phono - the System Restore problem is basically solved - can't go back further than a certain date however that's not a "show-stopper". The key issue is the system response problem.


  phono 17:22 17 Nov 2005

Try and find out what processes are running and potentially hogging the processor, use something like "What's Running" available for free here click here

Another thing to check for is overheating problems, this could cause the CPU to "throttle back" to stop potential damage. Are all the fans in your computer running okay?

  Brirev 17:21 20 Nov 2005

Hi there.

I've installed "What's Running" - very interesting to see what's going on, however nothing seems out of place when the system stops allowing new processes. Nothing is hogging CPU. There's CPU available, as shown on "System Idle Process" in Task Manager,and if I start a new process it shows up on "What's Running" but:-
* no window pops up
* it's not on the "Alt-Tab" list and
* the associated "Kernel Time" stays as 00:00:00:031.

'Cmon guys! All my family think I'm an IT guru as they don't know about the PCA bulletin-board! Help me out!!

  Brirev 18:00 23 Nov 2005

I've found these two errors happening a few times a day - could this have anything to do with the freezing problem?

Service Control Manager

The General Purpose USB Driver (adildr.sys) service failed to start due to the following error: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.


The Radioscope + Modular Technology DRE200P service... <as above for rest of msg>


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