Windows XP Media installation disc required.

  compumac 09:32 14 Oct 2010

Where can I get a Windows XP Media 2005 installation disc from, in order to reinstall to my Dell 5150?? I do have the MS serial number for the PC. It would seem that the recovery partition is no longer there.

  robin_x 09:41 14 Oct 2010

If the computer is working and boots, try these techniques?

I can't recommend any particular one.

click here

  compumac 18:01 14 Oct 2010

These refer to the Media part. I need a disc to reinstall the complete operating system for Windows XP Media edition.

  john bunyan 18:08 14 Oct 2010

I had such a disc , supplied by Evesham. However when I did a reinstall after a format, the Media Centre bit was difficult to reinstall partly due to the vast number of updates to XP and in particulaly .NET Framework since about 4 years ago. I now have Media Centre on Windows 7 as part of W7 Home Premium and above so maybe move to W7 if your PC is compatible.

  compumac 22:31 14 Oct 2010

I am not bothered about the Media Centre bit at all, all I want to do is format the drive and install XP onto it, but I am given to understand that you cannot use a standard Win XP Home installation disc on a PC that has had Windows XP Media Edition on it and use the origial Microsoft XP Media Edition serial number to install.

  compumac 09:47 15 Oct 2010

Lazarus The 2nd
That link is for PC's that still have the recovery partition. This particular PC does not have that recovery facility and is the reason why I need the installation disc.

  lotvic 17:21 15 Oct 2010

contact me via PM Yellow Envelope

  lotvic 19:36 15 Oct 2010

Thanks for PM, sorry a DVD was no help.
There would be 5 years worth of updates to do...
As you say pc is working well but is just full of junk, I would advise a good cleanup and then use something like AcronisTI to make an image for future backup and reinstalls

Is it just extra programs and files that are the 'junk' ?

  compumac 15:23 20 Oct 2010

I would like to express my thanks directly on this forum to Lotvic for the assistance given in resolving my problem. Thinking back many, many years ago when I started to mess about on computers,you had no-one to assist you but had to just muddle on and sort it out yourself, -(although you did learn a lot).

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