Windows XP Media Edition

  Craigmave 12:27 21 Jan 2004

Hi there. I am just curious. Is this edition out yet in the shops or in the internet to buy. is it true that the software comes bundled with a remote control in order for the package to work ? thanks.

  tafoody 12:30 21 Jan 2004

PCworld have them click here

  Craigmave 12:35 21 Jan 2004

Do they have the op system or the remote control ?

  stlucia 12:40 21 Jan 2004

tafoody, you've lost me! Your link leads me to a PC World ad for a Packard Bell Media Center PC but, when I look closer at the spec. I see that it comes with Windows XP Home Edition.

  tafoody 12:42 21 Jan 2004

the best thing would be to go along and have a look,

available from these retailers click here

stlucia, it says XP media edition on the first screen 'key features', i think 'more details' is incorrect.

  Craigmave 12:43 21 Jan 2004

lol good point stlucia... what i am asking is, is there a stand alone software package available. I have read that it uses a remote control to pause live tv etc...

  stlucia 12:44 21 Jan 2004

oops! I see what you're talking about now -- it's "XP Media Center Operating System".

  tafoody 12:48 21 Jan 2004

Craigmave, from what i can gather, the XP media edition OS, is designed to work specifically on 'media edition' PC's.

there is no upgrade from XP home.

im sure there are TV cards available for XP home, that have remote control, pause live TV etc...

  Craigmave 12:49 21 Jan 2004

ok, good point. Thanks for your help.

  Jester2K 14:14 21 Jan 2004

Windows XP Media Edition will only be available to approved system builders and will not be available to the public.

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