Windows XP - lost regualr account after creating g

  Rabi 01:53 28 Sep 2004


This is what happens when you have no IT personnel in your outfit:

We tried to create a guest account, on a Windows XP PC, and though we succedded in creating this account, we have lost the regular account which was on the PC prior!
Thing is, we can find all the files still there in My Documents, (the desktop has changed, though), we cannot find or access the original account.
We have the correct password, but when we try to get into the User Accounts to make changes, it denioes us entry even though the password and user name are correct!
How can we get the original user name and account back???

  hugh-265156 02:19 28 Sep 2004

if you have deleted the admin account then this would explain your problem maybe.

try starting up in safe mode maybe (keep tapping F8 when you switch on the computer and choose safe mode from the list when it appears)

next log in as 'administrator' and go to user accounts and create a new user account with admin priviliges, call it whatever you wish and then restart the computer again. select this account at log on screen and you should be ok i think.

  Rabi 00:00 29 Sep 2004

Hi huggyg71,
Thanks. Tried your suggestion, but, I do not have the option of loggiing in as administrator. If the Administrator account was deleted by mistake, would we have this option?
I can only log in as "Guest:. I have tried to go to system restore, and again I am informed I do not have access priveledges. I have tried to go into User Accounts, but I am asked for Administrator password, and again, though I am typing in what was the Adminstrator password before the account was deleted, I can't get into "User Accounts".

ANy help, please???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:09 29 Sep 2004

To find your files try safe mode (f8 while booting) then use explorer to look under

Documents and settings-- your old account name-- my documents.

if it asks for and admin pasword just press enter.

  Rabi 00:22 29 Sep 2004

Okay; would that also give me access to application programmes & folders which I had saved on the desktop in "Administrator" mode?

  hugh-265156 00:40 29 Sep 2004

you cannot delete the administrator account in xp i think. it only becomes available in safe mode. this is not the same as a user account with admin privilages.

  Rabi 00:43 29 Sep 2004

Okay, and thanks for response, but forgive a coplete novice, but I can't access the Administrator account in safe mode, or the former user account (with administrator priviledges).
What am I doing wrong?

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