Windows XP logo on the Windows XP CD

  powerless 10:46 29 Jun 2003

This i guess follows on from this thread click here But a new thread i needed.

Can i use the Windows XP logo on my website as umm a logo. Up at the top of the page on the left.

In case your wondering it can be found here:


I know i do not own the software but i am allowed to use this logo?

Slightly confused and who would i contact to ask if i can use it?

  Forum Editor 15:23 29 Jun 2003

is the short answer. You may not use the Windows logo in any way whatsoever unless you have a written licence to do so from Microsoft.

You won't get a licence unless you are a member of one of the Microsoft logo programs, and you or your business need to have certain qualifications before you can join a program. Unless you are a software developer, a hardware manufacturer, or a media provider you are unlikely to meet the strict criteria laid down by Microsoft.

As I said - the short answer's no, you can't usew the logo.

  powerless 17:57 29 Jun 2003

I think i'll pass on the Windows XP logo idea.

Would you know if this applies to all Logos, for example a logo from Symantec? (i think it does)

...and whilst i'm asking, would you know if i can use the Icons from Windows XP?

My computer, My documents, Internet Explorer etc etc...

  Forum Editor 18:30 29 Jun 2003

use their logo on your web site, provided you ask them first. Most of them will insist that you use a specific version of the logo, and that you do not alter the size. Some companies even go so far as to dictate what background colour their logo is displayed on.

If it seems that companies are being a tad anal about this bear in mind that a logo can be among a company's most valuable assets - consider for a moment the value of the Nike 'tick' or the 'Coke' logo, recently assessed as the world's most valuable branding.

The Windows XP icons are protected by copyright - they belong to Microsoft. You can however get something very similar - I've seen them on a site quite recently, but for the life of me I can't remember where. I'll try, but in the meantime
click here

  powerless 20:42 29 Jun 2003

I sent an email to Microsoft about the copyright of Icons.

As it's a Sunday I thought I would receive a reply on Monday (I was hoping they would reply).

Anyway 30 minutes after sending the email I received a reply.

"Hello Chris,

Thank you for contacting us at Microsoft. com.

For information regarding your inquiry, please review click here. Microsoft does not provide legal advice to any individual or entity. Individual situations and laws vary, and you are urged to consult with qualified professionals regarding your question.


Microsoft. com Customer Support"


WOW! Anyway if you click the above click here and read about Microsoft permissions regarding Icons it would seem to me that I am allowed to use them.

"EXCEPTIONS: Use of our icons is permissible in relation to a training manual or documentation written for and/or about a Microsoft product."

Well that?s exactly what I am doing.

So does this mean I can in fact use the icons? I could send you a page FE of my site; I mean I do not want to break any laws.


FE your click here above, I?m a little confused what should I be looking at as it seems they are too Microsoft?s icons. That page anyway...

  Forum Editor 20:57 29 Jun 2003

that was what you meant - you actually asked if you could use the logo on your site as ..........a logo, in the top left of the page.

Read what Microsoft say, and you'll see this:

"Use of our icons is permissible in relation to a training manual or documentation written for and/or about a Microsoft product. In such cases, use of Microsoft icons must be specific to the function of the icon within the Microsoft software, and not used as a graphical element or design for your own purposes..............and must appear as they would within the Microsoft software".

This means that you cannot use the icon as part of the design of your site - which I think is what you intended.

From time to time Microsoft does 'sweeps' of websites using various keywords to look for sites that deal with their software, so please be careful or you could be on the receiving end of one the famous 'Cease and desist' letters.

  powerless 21:15 29 Jun 2003

I was intending to use the Windows logo (as on the CD) at the top of my page. On the left to be more precise. I'll admit I tried it and it looked good. But then it occured to me am I allowed to do this, so I then posted this thread with regards to the logo.

As this would be part of the design (as it appears on all pages) and what you say above FE and i am simply not allowed to use it.

However with regards to the icons they are not part of the design. I'll try to explain this as best I can.

I have a page called "Guides" at the top is a little text about what the page is about and below is links to sepcific guides.

(Internet Explorer Icon) then in text "Internet Explorer"

This is the same for Outlook Express, Windows updates, etc.

The icon and the text next to the icon are hyperlinked to another page.

I hope that makes sense.

All i am doing is showing the icon for the guide that follows. Does this change things and more importantly do you now think i can use these icons as they are not part of the design?

  Forum Editor 23:28 29 Jun 2003

you shouldn't do as you say - provided you use the icons as part of the text, i.e. as a kind of header I'm sure that you would be acting within the guidelines laid down by Microsoft.

The Windows logo used as part of the site design would be out though.

On the basis of your description of your intended use I would personally say, go ahead.

  powerless 00:49 03 Jul 2003

That Permissions, is one interesting page.


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