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  osben 09:29 21 Apr 2004

At last I have decided to ""boot out"" Windows ME and instal XP. Not before time. I have got the XP disc but still have ME loaded on the computer.

Will running the ME disc allow me to format C: drive or do I still have to go into good old DOS and do it that way and then run the XP Disc. If so will the computer still recognise my disc drive.

Appreciate any help.

  keith-236785 09:39 21 Apr 2004

I personally use Good old dos but winxp has the format ability built into setup.

to use xpcd to format:-

set your computer bios to boot from cdrom first, insert the XP cd and reboot

when your computer starts, setup will autorun and it will ask if you want to upgrade or full install, choose full and it will ask if you want to format. Let it format (i still use fat32, but others use NTFS....your choice)

it will format the drive for you and then continue with setup (may restart again) it really is that simple.

NOTE:- ALL YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST FROM DRIVE C:, so if you have important stuff....back it up first.

  osben 09:57 21 Apr 2004


At last I can now get rid of ME


  ventanas 10:00 21 Apr 2004

Is the XP disc the full version or an upgrade. This matters because if you format and install from an upgrade cd you will have to verify your entitlement to upgrade by briefly inserting your ME disc. If you no longer have it, or it is an OEM recovery disc you could well have problems.

The alternative is to just install XP over the top of ME. Not absolutely ideal, but it will work. If you convert from Fat32 to NTFS after installation of XP all the remnants of ME will be removed.

  computernerdiamnot 10:14 21 Apr 2004

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