Windows XP Listed TWICE in the startup menu.

  Ken Ju-On 11:10 26 Jul 2003

Due to an improper installation of Windows XP, whenever I start up my computer there're two instances of Windows XP listed in the startup menu.

It looks something like below:

Please choose the operating system to start:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

How can I remove the second (incomplete) Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition entry?

Probably a lot of people have experienced this. If you have then please suggest how to remove the second entry.

Major thanks.

  temp003 11:54 26 Jul 2003

First make sure you know which one is the one that works, and whether it is the default one (the one which is highlighted on the boot menu is the default one - which is not necessarily the first one on the list).

There is little risk in what you need to do, but since the two boot choices have the same description, back up your boot files first. Go into XP, My Computer, C drive. Click Tools, Folder Options, View tab. (1) tick "Show hidden files and folders" (2) Untick "Hide file extensions for known file types" (3)Untick "Hide protected operating system
files". click OK.

Back on C drive, you should see three files ntldr, and boot.ini

Insert a floppy. Right click drive A and select format. On the next screen click Start and do not tick any of the options. You must do the formatting, even with a new floppy, and you must do it in XP. After formatting, copy the 3 files mentioned above to the floppy.

You can use this floppy to boot into XP. Remove floppy.

Then right click My Computer, select Properties, select the Advanced tab. Startup and Recovery Settings.

Under System startup, default operating system - click the drop-down list, and make sure that the right one is selected. Since they have the same name, be careful. If the first one on the list is the one that works, select the first one on the list (if not already selected). click OK.

Go back to Startup and Recovery, click the Edit button. The boot.ini file will open in Notepad.

On the assumption that you have selected the right default OS previously, the only thing you need to do is to delete one line.

Under the section [operating systems] in the boot.ini file, delete the one which is not working. The order corresponds to the boot menu you see on startup.

So if the second one is the one that doesn't work, delete the second line, i.e. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition....="Microsoft..." /fastdetect.

Save the changes and exit. Click OK in Startup and Recovery. Restart.

Just in case you have deleted the wrong line and you can't boot into Windows from the hard disk, use the floppy to boot up the computer, you will get the same old boot menu, and go back into the working XP.

If the editing works correctly, you can either forget about the backup floppy, or better yet, copy the new boot.ini fle to the floppy, replacing the old one, as a backup of your boot files.

  Ken Ju-On 12:34 26 Jul 2003

Woah, thanks a lot for that descriptive yet concise explanation!!

So in a nutshell, I just create a boot floppy in case I mess things up, remove the correct line in the boot.ini file, and I'm done.

Thanks a lot for telling me where to find that entry!

  crx1600 12:41 26 Jul 2003

press start/run and type in MSCONFIG

goto the 'boot.ini' tab, and you will see "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition....="Microsoft..." /fastdetect" commands, and a button to 'check all boot paths' it will detect any that are 'false' and offer to remove.

  temp003 05:27 27 Jul 2003

Well done, that's even better, and so much simpler. Although I've installed the XP version of msconfig on my Windows 2000 machine, I seldom use it and have forgotten the Check All Paths option.

  Ken Ju-On 11:24 27 Jul 2003

Thanks temp003 and crx1600 for your suggestions. I just deleted that second line in my boot.ini file and everything went well.

Thanks again to both of you

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