Windows XP (KB890175) Update can't be installed!

  Revi 04:44 26 Jan 2005

Everytime my PC (XP Pro SP2) starts I get a message that there is a problem with Services.exe and that it will automatically close in 60 sec. and restart. After the PC restarts a new message appears saying that new Updates are to be installed. When I run the updates the last of the 7 updates always fails and I get a message saying “ Security Update för Windows XP (KB890175) could not be installed”. How do I solve this problem?

  €dstowe 07:42 26 Jan 2005

Can you do a System Restore to a time before this started happening?

  Revi 07:51 26 Jan 2005


  Stuartli 08:48 26 Jan 2005

This particular update is for Windows Server 2003:

click here

  €dstowe 08:50 26 Jan 2005

Thank you for the succinct reply.

  bertiecharlie 09:31 26 Jan 2005

This update does apply to XP. Try downloading and installing from click here

  ACOLYTE 10:14 26 Jan 2005

Hmmm,this might be a Virus/worm that exploits the windows RPC service they then try to download files,supposedly from Microsoft,were did you get the updates were they downloaded from Microsoft? if they were why wernt they installed on the update site?.Have you tried a virus scan?,it may not be a virus but worth a scan just to be sure.

  Stuartli 12:36 26 Jan 2005

I've just checked your MS link and although it appears the update is just for Windows Server 2003 on my link, as you say various XP versions are included in the second link.

There must/would have been a choice as, having checked my Windows XP updates, I've discovered that I downloaded and installed this particular update on January 12th....:-)

Normally I go throught the list of available updates from the XP support links; these detail for which version(s) updates apply.

To get the link in my posting above I had keyed the KB number into the MS website's Search field.

It appears as though Revi's updating facility has used an incorrect update despite the KB number.

  Stuartli 12:39 26 Jan 2005

>> It appears as though Revi's updating facility has used an incorrect update despite the KB number.>>

Should say the update might be an incorrect version even though the KB number is the same; in fact the XP update version is 665kb against 551kb for Windows Server 2003.

  Revi 18:19 26 Jan 2005

Suggestions that this particular Update pertains to a Windows server, could it relate to Inetpub?My PC has become unstable ever since I installed Inetpub. Should I get rid of it?

  Stuartli 09:37 27 Jan 2005

The best way to find out is to uninstall Inetpub and see if your system is more stable - if there is no change then reinstall it.

Lot of darting about here and there though...:-)

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