Windows XP isn't reading information on floppy

  Nicholas 12:07 22 Aug 2008

I have some floppy discs which have some information on that I would like to access but my two windows XP machines say that the discs are not formatted. How can I read the information on them which I am sure is still there?

  iqs 13:15 22 Aug 2008

I would of thought if both PC's state the floppy's are not formatted ,then there is no data to read.

Floppy's are like HDD,they must be formatted first before you can read/write.Some floppy's are pre-formatted.

Long shot,but you could clean the FDD,or reinstall the drive.

  Jak_1 13:27 22 Aug 2008

It is quite possible that the floppies are corrupt if they are old, they can/and do deteriorate with age. I have had a few like that, and others have read perfectly even after 6 years. If the floppy drives on 2 xp machines are saying the same thing then I would tend to think that the floppies are at fault or that the info was never on them to start with!

  ronalddonald 13:59 22 Aug 2008

could also be possible that u used a differnt operating system when you originally saved data from the discs, and you may have to use that operating system to retreive the data.

  Nicholas 14:26 22 Aug 2008

OK, Thanks for that.

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