Windows XP Installation Woes

  LogIK 17:54 14 Jul 2004

To cut a long story short, here's what has happened:

- I kept receving a BSOD at boot about the winsrv component missing, with error code c0000135.

- I decided, after trying many other things, that a complete format and fresh install of windows was the best option (as it was due a fresh install anyway.)

- Did the norm (formatted the drive, booted off the XP CD, ran through setup.)

After it completed setup, it restarted, as normal. The problem I'm getting is that after restarting, it is reaching the point of the "Windows XP" boot screen for a few seconds, then just restarts infinately. Therefore, I cannot get any further into installing XP.

I am in desperate need to get this sorted, so if anyone can help me, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  Molded 18:41 14 Jul 2004

Possibly a corrupted or incorrect device driver is stopping you booting into windows correctly.

Have a look at this :

http: //;en-us;315222

[Remove the 2 spaces between http: and //support]

This will allow you to select a "safemode-minimal" option to boot into windows using the absolute minimum of drivers etc.

  Chegs ® 18:52 14 Jul 2004

Had similar trouble with XP Home,eventually traced to my SB Live driver.Booted into "safemode" OK,so removed it in "Device Manager" and installed the updated driver.Still gives occasional bother after a "Repair" of XP,so its almost automatic now,Safemode,remove device,reboot and reinstall. ;-)

  LogIK 14:37 15 Jul 2004

Thank-you for the replies, they are greatly appreciated.

I think I have found what the problem was. I was using an automated XP disk that I made, but I thought this might be causing a few problems. So I decided to use the original XP disk. After doing so, it booted fine! Doh!
I believe it was a problem with the [SourceDisk] line in the winnt.sif file that I had obviously been messing with.

Thanks anyway, guys.

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